Collection report Spring/Summer 2007

In the Spring/Summer of 2007, ALBERTO will be putting the spotlight on men's “outer“ values – trendy designs and styles, a casual look and being clad in distinctive fabrics lends men's legs an extremely attractive appearance. Within the framewok of its new collection, the lifestyle label concentrates on unusual colours, cheeky details and innovative materials. As a result, ALBERTO men are off the hook and looking sexy on every occasion.

Cotton fancy pants are seriously taking off this season – with its unconventional looks and washes, the sporty casual range really enhances the male image. The soft feel typical of ALBERTO trousers even provides tough guys with a soft shell. The individualistic outfit is very popular with the fashion-hungry. Creative pocket solutions and repair stitchings catch the eye. The highlight is the hand finish with elaborate rivet designs. Cool and sporty, this range turns men into genuine trendsetters.

Slacks will also play an important role in the Spring/Summer of 2007. The specifically developed range of colours ensures that the garments are perceived as the epitome of self-confidence. The distinctive colours appear exceptionally casual. In addition, particularly sophisticated items are very noticeable due to their elegant cuts and silhouettes.

The dressy pants exude an air of superiority. Thanks to impressive designs by ALBERTO, the range is in top shape. In this context, the cult model Ceramica stands out with a slim silhouette. The fabric of the Ceramica, which adjusts to external temperatures, is not only highly recommendable on hot days.
The trendy five-pockets and the denim range also present the male world with the agony of choice. The five-pockets are once again characterised by sensational structures and harmonious washes. The jeansy finish with a creased, pre-washed appearance make them seem more casual. In the case of denims, raw, authentic washed jeans will be coming to the fore. Special effects round of the cool look.

The models

The casual look and the new slim silhouette offer a variety of styles for every occasion. Primarily the cotton fancy pants are perceived as nonchalant and sporty. Different playful back and leg pocket designs – emphasised by individual rivet patterns – are genuine eye-catchers. Beyond this, some styles are spiced up by means of elaborate repairs and hand embroidery – an indispensable fashion highlight! The comfortable silhouettes featuring thigh and foot width come across as particularly casual.

Slim slacks and the no-fuss five-pockets are absolute essentials. The leisurely waistband height guarantees genuine wearing comfort. In the field of five-pocket pants, classic structures such as herringbones, multicounts, broken twills, corded fabrics and mini-structures dominate. The slacks stand out due to their accentuated pocket openings and additional rivets.

Whether denim, slacks or dressy pants – the slim silhouette is a vital element of every segment of the collection. In the case of the dressy pants, it is further emphasised by means of distinctive stitching.

The themes

Thanks to premium-quality materials and structures, men can be sure to look good at all times. Gabardine, poplin, satins, broken twills and corded fabrics appeal to men. Structures typical of ALBERTO (stripes, ottoman and herring bone designs) turn them on. Straightforward washes and unobtrusive colours create a laid-back elegance.

Linen & linen/cotton
Pure, 100% linen is once again very popular with men. The lively feel of the material conveys authenticity. As an alternative option, linen/cotton can be subjected to an authentic stonewash. The double dyeing results in interesting contrasts. Linen is also available in a stretch version, which allows for freedom of movement. To match the summer season, the fabric is light and comfortable on the skin, without restricting men in any way.

Techno, Ceramica & wool
Men are in favour of innovation, and the dressy pants hold fascinating developments of their own in store. The indisputable highlight is an exceptionally light, temperature-compensating Ceramica with a woolly appearance. Shadow, pin or fantasy stripes create lasting stylistic impressions.

Checks & fancy
The trend is his friend - checks are currently heading the list when it comes to popularity. With extraordinary designs, ALBERTO interprets this trend in a unique manner. At times clean and colourful in cotton with spandex, at times overprinted with a subsequent “used” finish or as a pure check print – great options for brave men.
As far as the fancy range is concerned, the focus is on camouflage prints. Whether in the shape of cargo pants featuring daring colours or merely hinted at and pushed into the “background“ by means of a supplementary stonewash – camouflage is a must-have in the summer of fashion 2007.

Raw is law! Self-confident men will not be able to resist the powerful raw looks in the field of denim. Cross or ring, cotton or cotton linen – it's got to be raw. 3-D creases and the appearance of wear and tear in the typical places create authentic effects. Real white and real black models are at the centre of attention, only surpassed by coloured denim. The eye-catching combinations of colour in the shape of cross or ring patterns conjure up images of the colourfulness and joy of life associated with the season.

The colours

The precious qualities of the materials are accentuated by a subtle, but masterful choice of colours. Brightly coloured designs are a thing of the past. Plain, but poignant white is the most fashionable colour in 2007. It is closely followed by military, pearl, sand, almond, deep blue and ice.

The belts

The perfect trousers are enhanced by the perfect belt. This is why, with ALBERTO, belts are not merely functional items, but highly fashionable accessories. Belts with rivets and eyes are very noticeable. They are further upgraded by hand stitchings. Whether denims, slacks or cotton fancy pants – belts by ALBERTO are very versatile, as the series was creatively designed to coordinate with the individual pants collections.

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