Collection Report Autumn/Winter 2005/2006

ALBERTO's motto this winter is "Stand out from the crowd" The lifestyle label presents cosy colourful fashion for the colder months. In the 2005/2006 autumn/winter collection, trendy styles, innovative materials variations and a wide range of colours are in great demand.

The Red Label is dominated by sporty styles. Cool cotton variations put the sporty trousers in the spotlight. In addition to Multicounts, modified fishbone designs are proving to be special highlights.

Black Label is presented as a puristic line. The trousers have excellent stretch qualities and impress with their comfortable fit and intelligent features. In addition to the ALBERTO cult model Ceramica, which has an "integral temperature control", fans of the men's trouser manufacturer from Moenchengladbach can look forward to new functional themes and exciting wool designs.

Denim is and shall remain a must for all male trendsetters. This winter, jeans will be presented mainly with an authentic used-finish look. Men's legs will be adorned with both cross-dyed and inky denims.

The models

This winter just won't be the same without trendy Five Pockets by ALBERTO. These cosy trousers will be available in two types of cut: as a sexy Straight Leg model or with a casual Boot Cut. All eyes will be on fashion-conscious men wearing the novel low-waist trousers with angled cut. The new pocket combinations are equally important. Five Pockets with French pockets should not be missing here, of course!

Slacks are also part of the compulsory fashion program during the colder months. These sportily designed trousers are available in cotton with a straight or slightly flared leg.
Woolly fashion is also making a comeback. The trousers are presented with a low waist cut and straight leg. Men will feel perfectly dressed for any situation. This eyecatcher from the wool collection will guarantee a gleaming entrance; the elegant trouser has been spiced up by a shiny strip along the side stitching.

The themes

Colour & Function
Fresh colours, modern functionality and an ideal fit – these are the main features offered by ALBERTO this season. In addition to stylish colouring, ALBERTO is focussing on the further development of the Ceramica multifunctional trouser thereby demonstrating that function can also be sexy: the 3xdry refined model impresses sophisticated men with its water-repellent properties where moisture is absorbed more quickly and the trouser dries more rapidly. The breathability of the material guarantees a comfortable fit, the seat of the trouser is perfectly shaped.

The cotton range by ALBERTO is anything but boring. Eye-catching qualities such as gabardine, ring designs and cotelés ensure variation in your wardrobe. The men's trouser specialist focuses on trendy fishbone designs or stripes, both as a texture or printed. The sporty look of the trousers is highlighted by extravagant colouring procedures and a focus on trendy winter colours.

In the autumn/winter collection, ALBERTO is also showing its true colours with cords. With cheeky fine cord and seductively soft velvet, men will be dressed perfectly from the hip to toe. Eyecatchers include printed cord designs and genoa cord in exciting coloured variations.

Where would the ALBERTO product range be without Technos? The cult multifunction trouser Ceramica has been further developed for this very reason. Ceramica will make a big impression this winter with its eye-catching striped and checked flannel designs. The gleaming serge qualities and colourful woven stripes are an absolute must for all fans of this functional trouser.
The rest of the Techno range is also extremely elegant. The trousers give look and style to the cotton allrounder and at the same time bring all the benefits of Techno qualities with them. Stripes and textures make the trousers stand out.

The wool series by ALBERTO will really take your fancy. Flannel, stripes and textures all put the elegant thread into perspective. The trousers are available to all trouser fans in unicolour or a blend of colours.

"Black is back" is the motto for denims. Men are spoilt for choice with cross-dyed, printed or textured models in clean black. Lined Denims and Inkys have proven to be the trendy items of the season. Rustic Broken Twill, Cross Denims, novel Multicounts and cheeky Fancys are a must for everyone's wardrobe.

Authenticity continues to be the trend. Destroy and repair effects and extravagant washes are no longer offered. The authentic look is produced by hand with careful attention to detail.

The colours

Colour, colour, colour: Trousers by ALBERTO will be colourful this winter. Men will be wearing warm coffee, brown and cinnamon as well as dusty yellow, orange, green and red shades.
The modern grey and black tones are just right for anyone who likes an elegant, cool look.

The belts

ALBERTO offers an attractive belt range to match its trendy trousers. In the sporty segment, the men's trouser specialist focuses on reptile patterns and used leather combined with large silver, oxidised silver and brass buckles.
The puristic belt loops are presented in elegant leather with sophisticated buckles in silver, gold and brass.

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