Collection report Spring/Summer 2007

On the occasion of the launch of its new collection for the spring/summer of 2007, the trend label ALBERTO golf once again proves how perfectly fashion and function can be combined – the consistent implementation of highly trendy fashion themes and the use of innovative functions are sure to inspire all golfers.

Whether ambitious amateur players or sophisticated pros – the pants, shirts and knitted tops by ALBERTO golf, which were developed in cooperation with Alex Cejka, are ideal for the purpose they were designed for. In accordance with the ALBERTO philosophy, however, the fashionable outfits not only ensure a stylish appearance on the green, but also make a good impression in the city. The selection of functional materials was attributed particular significance in connection with the development of the new collection. The result is an elevated degree of wearing comfort, allowing the player to concentrate fully on the game. The creative designs, lively colours, new patterns and cuts are unbeatable and have become the unmistakeable trademark of the ALBERTO golf collection. The look: casual and laid-back.

The models

Dressy pants, slacks and cotton fancy pants – all ALBERTO golf pants are unrivalled. Dressy pants captivate the eye with their stylish, individual designs. The model Ceramica, which, besides a cut which makes it suitable for competitions, mainly features functional attributes, is every golfer’s perfect choice for tournaments. The informal slacks also make players look good on the course. Equipped with a number of functional zip pocket solutions, the new golf cargos appear particularly casual. Cotton fancy pants attract attention due to their interesting details while unusual pocket solutions and seams are perceived as both sporty and out of the ordinary. Whichever of the unconventional models you decide to opt for, there is one thing all the pants have in common – an individualistic look.

The colours

Golfers wearing any model of the pants designed by the lifestyle label are sure to stand out: bright colours like a grassy green, turquoise blue or orange are genuine eyecatchers. In addition, timeless earthy and pastel tones will definitely be en vogue in the spring/summer. Whether unicoloured or featuring unusual patterns and interesting structures – no golfer can go wrong if he opts for ALBERTO. The collection for 2007 would not be complete without cheeky checked patterns, which will have fellow golfers impressed. The fact that the garments are colour coordinated guarantees perfectly fashionable combinations with the shirt and knitwear ranges.

The functions

ALBERTO golf collection is the ideal synthesis of fashion and function. Apart from unlimited freedom of movement, the skin-friendly qualities also guarantee maximum wearing comfort. The outfit remains impeccable even when its owner is in full swing – an elastic waistband prevents the top from slipping out of place during energetic teeoffs while a rubber band in the back pockets stops the glove from falling out. The special multi-protect functions of the pants are tailored to meet the specific requirements of golf players – the fabrics are breathable, wind-resistant, crease-resistant as well as tear- and abrasion-proof. The innovative fibres do not allow dirt and humidity to penetrate, keeping the pants nice and dry even on a wet green or amidst tall grass. The top model Ceramica once again captivates golfers with its functionality – thanks to tiny clay materials added to the fibre, the fabric is able to counterbalance a termperature of up to five degrees Celsius. The advantage: hot or cold weather will no longer stand in the way of a pleasurable golfing experience. As of this season, the wool and denim qualities are equipped with the high-tech fabric Cool Max. The surface of the fibre is 25 % bigger than that of other polyester materials. As a result, the moisture is transferred from the body to the fabric, avoiding contact with the skin. Big side slit pockets offer plenty of space for balls and hands. Convenient featrures such as tee holders and a large score card pocket as well as generous zip pocket solutions in the case of the cargos round off the enjoyment. Needlessly to say, all the models are machine washable and low-maintenance.

Shirts & Knitwear

The trendy outfits by ALBERTO golf target golfers from top to toe – the tops harmonise with the pants to perfection. The colouring and cuts are beautifully coordinated. Some of the combinations are perceived as harmonious, others as rich in contrast, but all of them are definitely extraordinary. Trendy polo and turtleneck variation tops as well as fashionable colour blocks go well with the unconventional styles of the pants. With regards to the knitwear range, the functional cotton fabric Cool Max offers interesting features. As the material dries quickly, the skin temperature remains at a constant level. The balanced micro-climate of the skin has a positive effect on the player’s performance.

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