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Collection report Autumn/Winter 2007/2008

The Autumn/Winter Collection 2007/2008 by ALBERTO is synonymous with trendy styles, elaborate applications and plenty of robust, masculine denim. Innovative techniques and fabrics provide evidence of the creative power of the fashion designer for trousers from Mönchengladbach and keeps men active at all times. To ensure that every pair of legs is dressed in the ideal pair of pants, ALBERTO is introducing a novelty – an easily comprehensible kit featuring the various fits facilitates the order process for the retailers and guarantees that the end consumers know exactly what they are buying.

The models

An effort which is definitely worth it - cotton fancy pants, the casual- sporty range by ALBERTO, is characterised by a great love of details and extravagant specials. Made of pure cotton, the trousers are genuine eyecatchers thanks to fashionable stud applications, skilfully positioned decorative buttons and pocket linings with cheeky checked patterns. “Mix it, Baby“, is the motto of some models which stand out due to their stylish combinations of fabrics – pocket flaps or pocket openings with soft leather hems, groove sections and seams provide the pants with a unique appearance. Other fabric mixes such as canvas adorned with gabardine give the informal trousers that special something.

The new slacks come across as distinctive and masculine. Overdyed cotton and wintery wool mixtures with elegant stripes look incredibly good on men’s legs. A large proportion of stretch fabric allows for exceptional wearing comfort in the case of the fashionably slim cuts. Creativity is the top priority as far as the slacks are concerned, too - pocket openings and seams embellished with fabric combinations are perceived as bold and individualistic. Triple stitchings and beautiful colours lend some models their extraordinary character. Casuals featuring a variety of details and flaps or colourful braids with leather hems on the one hand and informal, sporty models displaying attractive dividing seams and hardly noticeable pocket solutions on the trouser legs on the other hand compete for the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

The style of the dressy pants range is classical elegant. Like in the past, the star model Ceramica will once again start from the pole position. It is followed by pants made of cotton and wool mixtures which are irresistible due to their unobtrusive structures, checks in sophisticated colour gradings and diversified stripe patterns such as shadow, chalk and pin stripes as well as herringbone and tricotine. “Happy (in) black“ is one of the guiding principles of the Autumn/Winter Collection 2007/2008. Thanks to a newly developed colouring technique, sophisticated satin is available in a dark shade of black, which does not lose its intensity even after countless washes – for a perfect appearance at all times.

Take five! 5-pockets, the bestsellers by the fashion label ALBERTO, present themselves with a number of new extras. Cotton models, some of them stretchy, overdyed or with attractive structures such as corded fabrics, herringbone, fil a fil and ottomans cause quite a stir. Colourful woven checks make the winter seem less dull while exquisite satin and modern technos brighten up the dark season. Appealing stitchings on the back pockets, coloured buttons and studs as well as checked waistbands create a young, dynamic and at the same time very dapper look. At the bottom of all this there are 40 cm, the fashionably narrow foot width featured by many of the stretch cottons, technos, Ceramica and denim models.

The themes

Denim forever! Masculine, harsh raw looks take centre stage in the field of jeans. Exaggerated destroys are a thing of the past – today’s men wear their denims cleaner with very subtle used effects, authentic creases and harmonious old dye style overdyes. However, there are different types of jeans, and the motto of the current Autumn/ Winter season is “Keep it slim”. In terms of colour, the popular everyday pants are predominantly available in in deep blue. Furthermore, models with a proportion of stretch fabric allow for a particularly high degree of wearing comfort, as a result of which the cool allrounders are absolute favourites. The special highlight of the denim range is a limited, but very exquisite selection of genuine Japanese denims.

Cotton can do it – all conceivable versions of cotton pants ensure that every man will find the perfect pair for him. Due to different peculiarities and types of workmanship, some of the trousers are elegant while others appear informal and casual. One of the highlights of this collection is a pair of satin pants with a “happy black“ dye which remains as dark as the night even if washed frequently.

Wool, Ceramica and techno
Cool with wool – winterly wool mixtures in slim cuts have ALBERTO men looking superior even in the cold season. In the winter of 2007, herringbone, ottomans and fil a fil are the trend structures. All kinds of stripes, such as shadow, chalk and pin stripes as well as herringbone and checked patterns in exquisite nuances give the pants that special touch.

The extremely light Ceramica trousers, the classic by ALBERTO, are also a good choice in the winter. As they are equipped to adapt to external temperatures, the intelligent pants are the perfect companion during the dreary season.

The title comeback of the year goes to the technos. Stylish models consisting of cooler and a cotton-polyamide mixture add splendour to the appearance of any man.

The colours

The power of black – the sophisticated allrounder is undoubtedly the most trendy colour of the winter season. Like its lighter version asphalt, it gives the person wearing it unlimited freedom in terms of colour combinations, and this ensures an air of confidence in both business and leisure-time. “Back to nature“ is the second announcement of the ALBERTO winter – earthy and natural shades are very popular. The colour range covers everything from a wintry white via a soft sand and a warm caramel through to a creamy brandy. Chocolate and deep brown complement the ALBERTO spectrum of colours, followed by trendy military and gentle reed-like shades.

The belts

For a consistently stylish look and the perfect fit of a trendy pair of pants, ALBERTO once again offers a selection of matching belts this winter. Masculine and striking reptile embossed belts are at the head of the expressive range. The fashionable must-haves are further enhanced by studs and eyes as well as elaborate clasps and stitchings. Exceptionally soft or authentically rough premium-quality leather sets real guys apart from the rest.

Additional service

ALBERTO makes things easy - the innovative pant manufacturer from Mönchengladbach keeps coming up with new ideas in terms of service, too. As of this season, a kit featuring the various fits will make it easier for retailers to select the right models when ordering. Beyond this, it will help to improve the customer service at the POS – as a result, every man is sure to opt for the ALBERTO pants which are perfect for him.
Go and see the trend pants for yourself! The current Autumn/Winter Collection by ALBERTO will be presented at the following national and international trade fairs in 2007:

• New York Fashion Week (New York): 07/01 - 09/01
• Hot as Fashion (Salzburg): 30/01 - 31/01
• CIFF (Copenhagen): 08/02 – 11/02
• CPM (Moscow): 27/02 – 02/03

The label ALBERTO looks back on a long tradition. Since 1922, the brand has been specialising in making pants. Pants for men. Ever since those days, the company has been proving what it takes to create premium-quality, contemporary fashion - the experience of three generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and a pronounced feel for trends. Selected fabrics and meticulous work down to the last detail. To cut a long story short – a process of creation which reflects the superior nature of the trousers from the very beginning. No more than that – but not a bit less, either.

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