Collection report Spring/Summer 2005

After “Sex and the city“ comes the womanising summer by ALBERTO. The fashion label outlines the dress code for the Spring/Summer season 2005 and opens with a new collection for this summer’s fashion! Colourful styles, a wide range of models and innovative material variations make men’s legs the attraction and promise to make this season an excitingly hot one.

Fans of the puristic Black Label line will not only be awaiting with anticipation the extreme comfort of elastic pants this season, but also new developments for the bestseller Ceramica. Red Label has taken a sporty approach: Quirky fadeouts and exciting looks in bi-colour draw particular attention to the sporty trousers. In addition to the summery Popelin, Multicounts and Fancy’s are also out to impress trend-conscious men.

Denims have come up trumps with a wide variety of products: Trendy innovations such as ring -denims and Multicounts lend the allrounder jeans a stylish look. Stripy patterns and mini designs bring lots of variety into the world of jeans. Even if it gets really hot in the summer, you don’t have to leave your beloved leg-huggers at home, because light denims and technos will guarantee you light, airy comfort.

The models

Five Pockets are also part of the standard range for the fashionable man in Summer 2005. ALBERTO is offering a range of different cuts because not everyone likes the same fit! The Black Label line impresses with the “Basic fit“ that, thanks to a comfortable waistline height and straight leg, creates a trouser that you won’t want to take off.

The Red Label series is available in two cuts. The “Sport fit“ with a low waistline flows with every movement. But the trendy, low waistline and slight boot cut of the “Fashion fit“ is also suitable for any occasion. And if that wasn’t enough: The trouser manufacturer has extended its range again: Narrow Five Pockets, angled waistbands and quirky elements such as underlaid pockets mean that all eyes will certainly be on the men this summer.

Casual slacks continue to become more popular. Comfortable pants with a slight boot cut and sewn-on pockets on the trouser seat are much sought after, above all in the cotton and denim ranges.

In the area of sportswear, new models with attractive details impress: Bordered, coloured corded ribbon, draw cords, dividing seams and coloured stitching are the eyecatchers of the season.

Shorts are particularly hot this season. Whether attractive 7/8 and 3/4 models or summery bermudas – bordered waistbands, contrast stitching, sewn-on bands and new pocket variations are all the rage here.

The themes

Stripes, checks & fancys
With regard to design patterns, the range extends from discreet linen stripes to summery, coloured cotton stripes. While linen items come in a range of elegant colours, colourful stripes give cotton a very sporty look. Quirky cotton checks round off this fresh image. The Hawaii print is an absolute eyecatcher! With strong colour combinations and large flower prints, your wardrobe will radiate the ultimate holiday mood.
Not for the timid!

The materials

The ALBERTO men’s pants collection has an innovative air about it: In the cotton range, gabardine is omitted and instead multicounts, cotelés, stripy designs, broken twill and fishbone are used. These are primarily available as fade-outs or bi-colours. Eyecatchers include colourful summer stripes in striking colours.

The range extends from ultra-soft linen trousers to airy linen/cotton combinations. The fishbone look is particularly trendy, the uni- and bi-colours are presented extremely well. And the colourful stripes will always make sure you are in a good mood, of course!

Wool and woollen looks
Wool and woollen looks form an important element of the Black Label range. Here, ALBERTO presents new looks in the successful “Ceramica“ theme. In addition to the classics, mini patterns, bengaline and summery stripes are also attractive here. Another highlight is new Light Ceramica, which in addition to the usual preferences (easy-care, UV-ray protection, bi-elas-tic, non-crease, fully washable) has an extra-soft touch.

In the summer, ALBERTO concentrates primarily on lively denims. Broken twills, stripes and stripe patterns, multicounts and ring denims are an unbeatable must. Many of these patterns are also on offer in stretch denim. Washes are discreet and authentic, whereby coloured denims in puristic grey are particularly eyecatching. In addition to the real denims, technos are celebrating their comeback and will be on offer, preferably patterned or with stripes. And they are particularly attractive as slacks.

The colours

Elegant white, puristic grey in various shades and smoky blue shades dominate the colour palette in Summer 2005. Starting with exciting colours with catchy names such as ‘Ice’ and ’Night’, blue nuances are found in all shades. Sand and camel shades in the cotton range are in great demand. The colours in the linen and cotton themes are particularly intensive. Here, ALBERTO works with pastel colour tones as fade-outs or with strong bright colours as ‘dye-fast colours’. Fresh summer nuances such as bright citrus, radiant orange and strong red will light up your wardrobe.

The belts

Sporty looks headline the belt range by ALBERTO. Sanded leather with side-stitched edges, colourful braided belts with colour-contrast stitching and belts with striking lettering and leather applications should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Buckles are presented with blackened silver finish in a used look. In addition to classic black and warm brown, new colours such as red, kiwi, white and marine present the ‘middle of a man’ well.

In the puristic area, ALBERTO’s main colours are black, brown, camel, beige and sand. Brushed and polished buckles stand out in particular here. Embossed belts with attractive reptile patterns highlight the high-quality look and complete the tasteful collection.

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