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Urwahn Bikes @ALBERTO: Mutual qualities ready to be rolled out

ALBERTO is truly unique as a fashion brand – unlike most, it stands for genuine added value. Consequently, the brand known for pants partners with players who create concrete benefits – most importantly, for their customers. The collaboration with Urwahn Bikes is an excellent examples. After all, in this day and age, urban mobility with a small environmental footprint paired with style and outfit functionality is the key topic. As the platform for our cooperation, we have chosen the ALBERTO Concept Store. Not only are the premium bicycles part of the “decoration” – they are also an active element within our customer experience world. Shoppers have the opportunity to test the Urwahn Bikes onsite along with exclusive pants from our collection. It’s an ingenious combination. The smart tandem made of creative fabric and innovative steel also makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Effective immediately, ALBERTO’s Concept Store in Mönchengladbach will be the official test spot for the premium bikes made by Magdeburg-based Urwahn Bikes. The manufacturer of high-end bicycles is known for its contemporary urban mobility solutions and smart product features. “We think outside the box,” asserts the company’s website. This slogan also perfectly sums up ALBERTO’s vision. That’s why the fashion label decided to enter into a partnership with Urwahn Bikes. The Concept Store provides the ideal platform. At this venue, the groundbreaking pants label highlights its passion for creative and innovative pants that literally are “on fire.” The store is a true experience for customers who love fashion. At its flagship location, ALBERTO surprises its customers time and again. This is also the venue where exciting cooperative partnerships are launched. The congenial team play with Urwahn Bikes is another enthralling event. On the one hand, there’s the versatile bike manufacturer; on the other hand the range of the passionate pants designers. You get to know the two-wheeled technology trailblazers alongside the smart pants designer pioneers. It’s a classic example of a perfectly compatible union. Stylish mobility with a small environmental footprint combined with highly functional outfits – a partnership fully aligned with the latest trends.

As a licensed partner, ALBERTO offers shoppers the opportunity to test ride the bikes, which boast technical refinement and excellent craftsmanship, on location at the store. The best part: Customers can also try on and wear a pair of ALBERTO pants during the test ride – the best choice would be one from the biking collection. What makes these pants just as unique as the bikes: the tailoring know-how and refinement inherent in smart fabrics, cuts and, of course, skills. The perfect package: Pants and bike. The combination makes a great gift – for instance for Christmas. “Urwahn Bikes’ corporate philosophy is very much in synch with what our brand stands for,” observes Marco Lanowy, ALBERTO’s managing director, who is also the initiator of the partnership. He cites the passion for innovation, flexibility and keeping things simple as attitudes both partners share. “We are looking forward to an exciting cooperation that will be inspiring for both of us,” concludes Lanowy. In other words, the aim is to work in partnership as a well-aligned team that goes beyond the hallmarks of a “side show.” A joint kick-off event will be rolled out in the upcoming season. More details will be available soon, for instance via the ALBERTO customer card. The StoreCard offers members attractive benefits and keeps them in the loop about Concept Store events.

Photos: Patrick Lanowy

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ALBERTO sees itself as a dynamic, culturally engaged pants brand which is developed for dynamic people. People for whom quality, comfort and freedom are important, and people whose search for relevance is expressed through style. The brand was founded about 100 years ago with the aim of becoming a dynamic, innovative presence in the international fashion scene while continually setting new standards, and it has remained true to its founding ethos right through to the present. Cutting-edge craft values and design provide evidence of this, as does the company's own concept store and the use of intelligent, voice activated, interactive systems. So what began as a small factory making trousers has now become a key producer of collections – such as the urban biker collection: it’s a brand that has always prided itself on anticipating its customers' wishes and fusing them into an inspirational lifestyle concept whose empowering presence transcends trends.

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