Alberto Golf Summer 2020

Summer Greens

Fine pattern and colour combinations, exciting details and smart tech qualities - ALBERTO Golf doesn't just bring lots of style and function to the green for the 2020 golf season, but also a high degree of trendy finesse. Find out what styles golf enthusiasts can expect next summer here.


Super light, highly elastic and equipped with a fine microstructure: The new ALBERTO Golf PPT styles aren't just functional, they're also a really eye-catching fashion item. The sophisticated colours and the discreet abrasion effects, which give the pants a casual look, ensure this. The newcomers include 'Rookie' as well as 'Martin-K' and 'Fred' with colourful woven ribbon on the back pocket for an even sportier look. A series of PPT bermudas takes a fashionable step further, with a camouflage floral print elaborately over-dyed in military, red, navy and grey-blue.


Breathable, temperature-equalizing, crease-resistant and highly elastic, they also feature an impressively pleasant touch & feel - pants made of Ceramica are among the absolute favourites among golfers. For the summer season of 2020, ALBERTO Golf will be presenting the plain-coloured gabardine version in classic muted colours and three new, bright neon colourways as well as the new edition of the Ceramica stripe with a fine stripe pattern in blue and grey. The Ceramica smart checks with colourful woven check patterns in beige/red/blue and grey/turquoise/dark blue are completely modern.

3xDry Cooler®

The 3xDry Cooler® has long since become essential wear on the green - and rightly so. Thanks to its high elasticity, the highly technical product not only offers maximum freedom of movement but is also breathable, temperature-regulating, dirt and water repellent, dimensionally stable and very soft. In addition to four classic shorts, the 'Ian-PS' with piping adornments on the sides and the 'Rookie BA' with a sporty tricoloured elastic band on the waistband are completely new to the range.


The successful waterrepellent range will be continued next summer with a new water repellent print. Consistently breathable and extensively worked to be dirt repellent and waterrepellent, the bi-elastic pants also score points in the 2020 season with an all-over print in a fine cross design that looks like a minimal pattern and is available in the blue/grey, black/grey and, brand new, white/blue colours.


Since its launch, the Revolutional® has technically and stylistically taken over the green. The bi stretch jersey with its particularly high technical performance doesn't just guarantee maximum freedom of movement when teeing off. It's also extra-light breathable, quick-drying, water-repellent and protects against UV radiation. For the summer of 2020, ALBERTO Golf has significantly expanded its range once again. In addition to the Revolutional® Prints with a large-format check pattern, a minimal pattern in grey/blue and a royal blue underlaid dark blue mini check, the Revolutional® Check with a classic Glencheck design in grey/blue is also included. Of course, the classic unistyles in bestseller colours and, as a new feature, in indigo blue, are also a must. Also fresh in the assortment: the model 'Earnie BA' with a labelled rubber band on the waistband.


Real on-court & off-court fashion highlights are the light cotton styles 'Jungle' and 'Summer Paisley'. One comes with a summery colourful Paisley pattern, the other with a colourful jungle print on either blue or white background.

True Colours

Whether it's glenchecks and plaid patterns in various sizes or ingeniously over-dyed camouflage floral prints, whether it's discreet minimal designs or colourful paisley and jungle prints - the ALBERTO Golf Summer 2020 is all about exciting pattern interplays. In addition to strong neon orange, leaf green, cobalt, indigo and turquoise, muted grey, green, blue, military and red shades also provide the right colour accompaniment.


Dynamic Fit Broken Twill

Casual look meets green chic - the Dynamic Fit Broken Twill is the latest addition to the ALBERTO Golf segment and it's already a real statement. This is due in part to the classic casual look, which is further enhanced by the refined colouring and discreet abrasion effects, and in part to the high degree of elasticity and the multitude of clever details. Available as a chino model 'Emely', as shorts, 'Arya' and as 'Alisa' in the 7/8 version with zippers on the hem and darts on the knees.

3xDry Cooler®

The 3xDry Cooler® has long earned the status of an absolute must-have on the green. And rightly so, because, thanks to its high degree of elasticity, it not only offers maximum freedom of movement and a particularly soft touch and feel, but is also temperature-regulating, dirt-repellent, keeps its shape and is breathable. This is how ALBERTO Golf presents the classic in cropped and short-length and in an extra-broad colour range. Highlights are the 'Mona-B' with a two-tone grosgrain ribbon at the hem, 'Mona-BT' with studs at the front and back pockets and 'Mona G' with colourful quilted embellishments.


Fashion + function = waterrepellent print! In the summer of 2020, the breathable, dirt-repellent and water-repellent range made of extra-light bi-elastic cotton blended fabric will be available in short and cropped shorts and optionally with elaborate ornamentation print or elegant leopard print. Extravagant Colourways add even more colour on the green.


Breathable, water-repellent, quick-drying and also equipped with comprehensive UV protection - the Revolutional® is a real tech miracle and a must for greens all over the world. For the next summer season, it will once again be demonstrating its supreme fashion competence with a series of exciting allover prints. While the Revolutionary Pied-de-Poule features a houndstooth pattern in black/white or apricot/turquoise, the grosgrain-trimmed Revolutional® Check scores with classic glen checks. The Revolutional® Print with colourful floral prints is guaranteed to put you in a great mood. No less stylish: the Revolutional® Uni in new colours. All models are available cropped and as shorts.


Even the WR jacquard has long since improved its handicap. The highly elastic fabric qualities guarantee maximum freedom of movement and, thanks to its water-repellent surface, assures perfect wearing comfort even in adverse weather conditions. For the summer season 2020, ALBERTO Golf presents two styles in light grey and navy with a woven and discreetly coloured paisley pattern.


Smart, chic and summery: a series of cropped and shorts-length cotton models that feature trendy dot and stripe themes, each with a print design in two different colours. The range is rounded off with a colourful floral print.

Colour Combinations

Houndstooth and Glen check patterns meet floral prints, dots, stripes and paisley designs, ocean blue, emerald green, lemon yellow, magenta, salamander orange and sky blue on light grey, navy, pink, yellow, pink, green, turquoise and pastel apricot - the ALBERTO Golf Summer 2020 will be colourful and diverse.

In 2004, a plane took off for the United States, which was also the beginning of the ALBERT Golf Collection’s success story. The company’s two managing directors - Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy were on board of this very plane. In their baggage, they brought along tons of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the States, pro golger Alex Ceika was waiting for Walendy and Lanowy’s arrival. At the time, the golf pro had drawn lots of attention to himself because instead of golf pants, he wore ALBERTO pants on the green. He was so enthusiastic about the models in the men’s collection that it ushered in a very promising cooperation with the men’s fashion label. ALBERTO embraced the challenge to revitalize the sportswear market. Not only with its fashion competency it had acquired over its long history, but especially by developing and using innovative materials. Hence, a very unique collection of golf wear was created that proved to be successful thanks to its extraordinary designs, perfect cuts and completely innovative functions. Since then the label has perfectly established itself in the golf market and golfers love the functional and expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts that hail from Mönchengladbach, Germany.