ALBERTO Golf Summer 2019

Fresh Colours for the Course

Progressive tech qualities, perfect cuts and a keen eye for functional intricate solutions. Paired with enthralling patterns and decidedly rich facets of colours - ALBERTO Golf’s shorts and pants for the 2019 Summer Collection meet every expectation. So, is there anything else golf enthusiasts can look forward to? Find out below.

Men's Collection

Casual, lightweight and with an especially comfortable touch & feel. They’re also breathable, temperature balancing, wrinkle resistant and highly elastic. There’s no doubt, pants made of Ceramica are always the perfect choice for hours spent on the green. In addition to solid coloured gabardine models, which are the absolute bestsellers in the line, the German pant maker now offers a new version of the traditional stripes pattern in traditional and short lengths. Next summer, the company will also launch a wool look style in check patterns as well as colourful check pants.
The 3xDRY® Cooler is a true evergreen in the ALBERTO Golf Collection and there is a good reason for that. After all, its high elasticity does not only provide maximum freedom of movement, but is also breathable, temperature balancing, dirt repelling, keeps its shape and is especially soft. New colours add even more top fashionable looks and maximum functionalities.
The breathable, dirt and water repelling Waterrepellent line will also continue to be available in an extremely wide range of summer styles. The bi-elastic Waterrepellent Print with its fine minimalist and Glencheck patterns fantastically contrasts the simple, solid coloured models, while the Waterrepellent Cubes with its colourful allover cubes print brings even more fashion to the course. The absolute highlight is the Waterrepellent Fancy with a complex knit bee hive pattern.
Pants made of Revolutional®, a high-tech powerful jersey, which thanks to bi-stretch doesn’t just guarantee maximum freedom of movement, but is also breathable, quick moisture wicking and water repellent, is a brand new addition to the line. It also protects golfers from harmful UV rays. Besides solid coloured models, ALBERTO Golf also bets on mini check designs and Glencheck patterns with a fine wool look in this line. Totally traditional: The highly elastic Jersey Stripe with Mediterranean white/blue striping.
The decidedly soft and highly elastic Retro Check und Summer Check bring to the green a very refined playful version of the check theme. The former adds a colourful top check on top of the classic Glencheck in a slightly distorted design, while the latter comes in pastel hues to create a summery, colourful look.
If you want cool and classy, check out the elastic cotton styles - Hawaii and Player. One makes its debut in a colourful summery allover floral print; the other is imprinted with the silhouettes of various golf players.

True Colours

Whether you prefer fine retro Glencheck or casual summer checks, min checks or stripes – the ALBERTO Golf Men’s Collection takes a highly colourful stance in the summer of 2019. This can be attributed to a colour palette that ranges from various red, blue, green and gray hues to beige, white and yellow and even turquoise, silver, neon orange and military.

Women's Collection

Perfect comfort and maximum performance reliability meet absolute style – the first choice for women is also the 3xDRY® Cooler. Ultimately, this is thanks to the temperature balancing, breathable and bi-elastic fabric qualities, which guarantee that these golf pants dry three times faster than conventional golf pants. They are also water and dirt repellent.
For the 2019 summer season, ALBERTO offers not only regular and short pants in an extra-broad colour spectrum, but also – for the first time ever – the slip-on pants “Lucy” with and without side striping and skirt model “Lissy” with an integrated panty.
Thanks to its breathable, temperature compensating, highly elastic and wrinkle resistant properties and the soft, elastic feel, pants made from Ceramica are a woman’s best friends on the green. For the 2019 summer season, ALBERTO Golf bets entirely on checks. Some styles are loud and colourful, others feature understated retro checks in a wool look.
Breathable, water and dirt repellent and highly elastic, Waterrepellent pants are true classics in the ALBERTO Golf Segment. Besides a wide range of solid coloured styles, the Waterrepellent Print debuts a model with complex ornamental patterns. For even more colour accents on the green, check out the Waterrepellent Silver Print boasting silver dot printing on white or black backgrounds or the Waterrepellent Flower Print with its colourful allover print. In addition to regular length pants and shorts, the new skirt model “Lissy” with built-in panty has also been added to the line.

Not only do the high performance tech Revolutional® bi-stretch jersey pants offer optimum freedom of movement, they are also breathable, quick moisture wicking and water repellent. The also protect golfers from harmful UV rays. In a nutshell: The perfect pants for a round of 18 holes. These styles are available in solid colours as well as black and white checks with smartly overlaid red checks.

Get that wonderful feeling of summer and being by the ocean: the Jersey Stripe boasts traditional stripe patterns, while the Dots draws attention to itself with decorative dots prints in white/blue hues.
The elastic cotton models line places the emphasis on casual in its variety of print motifs. While Flowers, Abstract Flowers, Florescence, Summer Blossom, Summer Flowers and Jungle cover the trendy floral theme with various colourful print designs, the Fancy Print catches the eye with an extravagant print motif.

The Interplay of Colours

Stripes, Glenchecks and check patterns meet ornamental prints, dots and floral designs. The colours are rose, pink, purpose, red and turquoise, but also camel, neon orange, military, light gray, rock and lime green. The summer of 2019 will definitely be particularly colourful.

In 2004, a plane took off for the United States, which was also the beginning of the ALBERT Golf Collection’s success story. The company’s two managing directors - Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy were on board of this very plane. In their baggage, they brought along tons of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the States, pro golger Alex Ceika was waiting for Walendy and Lanowy’s arrival. At the time, the golf pro had drawn lots of attention to himself because instead of golf pants, he wore ALBERTO pants on the green. He was so enthusiastic about the models in the men’s collection that it ushered in a very promising cooperation with the men’s fashion label. ALBERTO embraced the challenge to revitalize the sportswear market. Not only with its fashion competency it had acquired over its long history, but especially by developing and using innovative materials. Hence, a very unique collection of golf wear was created that proved to be successful thanks to its extraordinary designs, perfect cuts and completely innovative functions. Since then the label has perfectly established itself in the golf market and golfers love the functional and expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts that hail from Mönchengladbach, Germany.