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ALBERTO presents the Urban Traveller collection

Ever since its early days, the Mönchengladbach fashion label ALBERTO has been a magnet for global citizens who aren’t afraid to do things differently and whose professional and private lives keep them constantly on the move between different cultural worlds. People whose clothing has to be as versatile as possible when they are travelling and who set great store by exceptional quality, contemporary design, and immaculate tailoring – because these are precisely the characteristics that make the stylish cosmopolitan traveller stand out from all the casually dressed men sitting in travel lounges around the world. For the 2018 winter season, ALBERTO will be rising to this lifestyle challenge with a product line of its own: Urban Traveller.

Next stop: ALBERTO

They have to be comfortable, stylish, practical, and of course a perfect fit, besides being light, durable, and crease-free – people who travel regularly demand a lot from their pants: demands that ALBERTO’s brand new Urban Traveller range now meets all down the line. This product range consists of four individual travel essentials that effortlessly bridge the gap between class and comfort, can easily be combined with other garments, and are therefore highly versatile. Like Revolutional, one of the highlights of this collection, a flawless combination of high-tech and cool elegance: these narrow, ultra-light slacks are made of a warm, breathable, quick-dry jersey knit that even protects the wearer from harmful UV rays. What’s more, the 360º bi-stretch fabric guarantees the maximum freedom of movement so important on long journeys, besides keeping its shape and flawless fit – as betokens pants that have to come through long periods spent sitting in the plane, train, subway or business meeting without creasing.

Safe contemporary design

People who spend a lot of time in busy cities, in places that attract lots of visitors, or in remote destinations off the beaten path need to feel that their valuables are stowed away safely. Revolutional – like all the other styles in the Urban Traveller collection – accordingly features safety pockets for credit cards, buttoned ticket pockets, and well-hidden inside back pockets. Last but not least, these pants are perfectly finished with contrasting tucks, side stripes, and piping on the waistband, ensuring that Revolutional lives up to ALBERTO’s reputation for combining fashion and function and that these pants meet the traveller’s every need.

Urban Traveller will be available in retail stores from fall 2018.
Colors: Brown, blue, navy, black
Recommended retail price: 139.95 EUR

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