ALBERTO Golf / ALBERTO Golfwoman Summer 2017

Colour on the green

Loud colours, creative play with patterns, functional detail and refined high-tech materials – thanks to ALBERTO Golf and ALBERTO Golf Woman it’s not just going to be stylish on the greens for the upcoming golfing season, it’s going to be highly functional as well. Once again the golf wear specialists from Mönchengladbach have distinctive designs for golfing enthusiasts at the ready. Their top quality naturally goes without saying! By quality the manufacturers not only mean using top-grade fabrics and yarns, outstanding workmanship and perfect fit. What ALBERTO particularly means by quality is the environmental compliance of their pants with respect to pollutants and production processes and conditions. This is confirmed by the official “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification” in all areas.


Green Revolution. Whoever wants to be the undisputed ruler of the greens with their long tee-offs, skillful chipping and elegantly played putts, must be superbly kitted out. It’s a good thing that ALBERTO Golf doesn’t just attach importance to an innovative fashionable style, but that it also does justice to the highest functional demands.

Wonderfully flexible, fully dirt and water repellent and especially soft and comfortable to wear thanks to its high cotton content – the Superfit Gabardine Pants are the latest addition to the ALBERTO Golf range. For the launch, the smart all-round chinos are available in four colours. The Stay White Superfit pants even go a step further. The pants come exclusively in brilliant white, and with 45 per cent elastic fibres, they don’t just guarantee maximum freedom of movement on the green. The dirt and water repellent finish also ensures that even the most extensive outing in the rough won’t leave any lasting traces.

With Ceramica pants golfers are always in the right position. The new Ceramica Super Light is a true star of the collection. Probably the lightest pants in the golf business, it weighs in at just 200 grams per running metre and moreover scores on all relevant performance features as well. The casual and super soft Ceramica Gabardine Version is a real best seller and has both temperature- regulating and water and dirt repellent features.

Extremely style-conscious, completely temperature-regulating and in addition dirt and water repellent - the 3xDry Superfit Cooler is not just an exceptional fashion miracle, it also proves itself a Tec all-rounder, finally making excessive freezing and sweating a thing of the past. The styles for next summer also stand out with their particularly broad choice of colours.

The Waterrepellent Dots are completely new to the range. The pants, which are dyed in an elaborate garment dyeing procedure, come in a trendy all-over polka dot pattern and have a water-repellent finish. The Waterrepellent Check is also quite new. Here, classical check meets high-performance polyester qualities. And with green/red/white/grey on navy or green blue/grey on anthracite, there are two exciting colour combinations to choose from. With Waterrepellent Fancy it is all about small patterns with a big effect. For summer the emphasis is as much on subtle gradations of grey as on abstract stripe designs and decorative elements. The Waterrepellent range is completed by the Waterrepellent Print. Here muted base colours provide that elegant look, and contrasting prints in shepherd’s plaid, stripes, check and minimalistic designs lend fashionable sophistication.

Cool, light and eco – with ecorepel® the game on the green even gets a bit greener. This is not only due to the completely ecologically degradable water and dirt repellent finish. It’s also thanks to the avoidance of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons. Its extra-high stretch content guarantees it’s extremely comfortable to wear and the broad colour choice keeps you looking cool.

Interplay of colours

Fine checks, relaxed stripes, elegant shepherd’s plaid, abstract minimalism and cool dots – next summer will be one of exceptional contrasts. It’s not just the design patterns that see to this, but the extra-broad colour range as well. Muted natural tones like khaki, grey, olive, beige, marine, black, camel and navy meet with powerful light blue, yellow, orange, steel-blue, white, lilac-blue, strawberry, turquoise and neon green.

ALBERTO Golfwoman

Smart and style-conscious on the greens? Not a problem with the pants’ styles from ALBERTO Golfwoman. Here is an overview of next summer season’s must-haves.

Perfect shape and unbeatable features – the 3xDry Superfit Cooler has long since proved itself as a truly exceptional talent both on and off the course. And the facts speak for themselves: the bi-stretch gives maximum wearability and freedom of movement, the finish is both dirt and water repellent and completely breathable. In addition, thanks to the permanent moisture transfer from inside out, there is constant regulation of heat. The pitch black colour scheme as well as the anti-slip band in the waist and the right back pocket are real fashion head-turners.

With the Ceramica Super Light another highlight of the collection comes on board. Its crease-resistant materials are extremely easy to care for and ensure a smart appearance at all times, while the high stretch content and its breathable and temperature-regulating finish take care of optimal freedom of movement on the greens. Special feature: the anti-slip band in the right back pocket.

ALBERTO’s Golf Women’s collection also puts more green on the greens. The water and stain repellent, breathable ecorepel® finish is completely biodegradable. Moreover, absolutely no environmentally harmful fluorocarbons are used. The anti-slip band in the right back pocket emphasises functional features.

Colour Theory

Bright yellow and green, various shades of red and blue, extrovert neon colours and as a contrast, sober black, olive, grey and white – the colourful golfing summer comes with an emphasis on many shades. Extravagant, psychadelic floral prints, abstract animal designs and subtle minimal patterns are truly eye-catching..

In 2004 an airplane started out for the USA – and with it began the success story of the ALBERTO golf collection. On board: the two managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In the luggage: no end of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the States, Walendy and Lanowy were expected by golf pro Alex Cejka, who at the time was attracting attention by wearing ALBERTO pants on the course rather than golf trousers. Thus, fueled by enthusiasm for the designs in the men’s collection, a promising cooperation with the men’s fashion label came about, and ALBERTO took on the challenge of livening up the sportswear market. A quite special golf wear line was created, not only thanks to its long years of fashion expertise, but above all due to the development and use of innovative materials. The golf wear stands out thanks to its unusual designs, perfect cuts and completely new features. Since then the label has firmly established itself – golfers recognize the functional and expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.