SignatureGolf by ALBERTO makes a unique statement

It’s all personal now

Golfers are individualistic. Always on the lookout for the perfect course, the perfect swing, the perfect hit, the perfect round. Also for the perfect equipment that makes all this possible. And the latter is available with ALBERTO Golf. But for the self-confessed ALBERTO fans Ian Watkins, Hartwig Habermann and Sven Schoppe, the search took them further. Regardless of whether they thought of a shirt, pullover or pair trousers; whether it was a breathing fabric, water and wind resistant or climate regulating; be it grass green, candy pink or canary yellow or whether it was checked, striped or dotted, they got it all in their ALBERTO outfits, but these passionate golfers wanted something more. Individuality, personality. Something that would be the best way to create that unique outfit to suit Watkins, Habermann and Schoppe. This led to two of the three friends offering innovation and individuality with the ALBERTO Golfwear under on name SignatureGolf and its webshop They print personal messages and/or names in a range of colours on the outfits. The clubs can also be laser engraved with a personalised signature.

Luxury is the ability to be unique

Golf clothing’s foremost feature should be its performance. Function, fit and quality are the defining factors in accomplishing that. But a sports brand only becomes exceptional when it allows innovative, functional performance and first-class tailoring to combine with hot runway trends. Just like ALBERTO Golf. Its contemporary styles are clear evidence in every season that the golfwear label is a superlative example of the fashion-function zeitgeist. And the word is out. “ALBERTO Golf has always offered a wide selection of trendy-innovative golf clothing. The only thing missing was the option of enjoying a personalised design,” feels Marco Lanowy, CEO of Alberto GmbH & Co. KG, who looked for partners to fill this gap. He finally found it in Hartwig Habermann and Ian Watkins. Hartwig Habermann and Sven Schoppe thought of the same thing almost around the same time while sitting on chairlift during a skiing holiday in the USA. They looked at the skiers while a gentle snowstorm brewed, and thought of the possibility of personalising really expensive sports equipment into something unique through and through. And so, they laid the foundation for SignatureGol – a company subsequently managed by the experienced Hartwig Habermann and Ian Watkins.

Sophistication translated

A brand’s online shop must only contain the best from its women’s and men’s collection. So, only the ALBERTO Golf and ALBERTO Golfwoman collections came in the picture while selecting the exclusive partner. SignatureGolf has now begun to personalise shirts and trousers from this Mönchgladbach golfwear label with cool slogans and/or names. The shop acts as a configurator. All ALBERTO textiles in all models with every message, font and colour are displayed. The choices for slogans in the shop are “long hitter”, “golfaholic” and “holy snap hooks”. SignatureGolf offers this service without any additional cost. If you wish to also add your name alongside will it cost you 7.50 euros. Marco Lanowy is also pretty excited about this new online shop: “Our customers are all passionate golfers and excited about trends to a large extent as well. With the SignatureGolf service, they have even more opportunity to make their ALBERTO golf outfit into something extra unique.

No worries about swapping

But SignatureGolf goes a step further. Even golf clubs can be personalised on site or over the online shop. Choose graphite or steel, single club or complete set – fine laser technology will engrave your name in desired font on the shaft of the wood, driver, putter, wedge and convert your club into a signature statement. It is an innocuously simple method that SignatureGolf has attested with the help of several experts in the field of golf club manufacture. Just place your order, send the equipment and receive yourpersonalised club(s) back in three to five days. Even this service doesn’t burn holes in the pockets. A complete club set with up to 15 clubs is engraved for 149.00 euros. But you can give just a single club for personalisation, too.

ALBERTO feels that individualised golf equipment is not just an expression of one’s own personality. “Personalisation of golf clubs is also a classy and yet simple safety against theft,” Marco Lanowy explains another advantage of this new service. It is simply an individual and unique gift every ambitious player. On winning a tournament, on birthday or as a Christmas gift.

A plane flew towards the USA in 2004 – and on it was the success story of the golf collection by ALBERTO. On Board: the two Managing Directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. Baggage: all sorts of creative ideas for every modern, functional golf collection. The golf pro Alex Cejka waited for Walendy and Lanowy in the States. Cejka had been observed as wearing no other golf pants than ALBERTO Pants on the green. A promising cooperation began with the men’s label while ALBERTO accepted the challenge to revitalise the sportswear market, starting with the exciting men’s collection. It wasn’t just the years of fashion experience, but also the development and use of innovative materials that gave rise to a special golfwear brand that took the greens by storm with its eye-catching designs, perfect cuts and awesome functions. Since then, the label has established itself well. Every golf worth his salt knows the functional and expressive golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

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