ALBERTO presents Cosy Pants for the golf course

Jogg‘ the Course

Just to get things clear from the start: the coming spring isn't going to see the launch of a trendy new sport where you have to run around the green. No, we're talking about a very traditional and - particularly in golf - abiding commitment to style! After all, outstanding sportswear is always a perfect combination of function, quality, fit and hot catwalk looks. The same is true of the ALBERTO label, which is now bringing the trend for luxury jogging pants to the golf course under the name Cosy Pants. What does this mean? Well, along with high-tech performance, it means modern, casual yet stylish dressiness and - even more importantly - endless comfort with absolute freedom of movement.

For cool players only

Alberto's Cosy Golf Pants are a newly interpreted, luxury version of a sporting classic: jogging pants. These masculine luxury jogging pants from the Mönchengladbach-based pants tailors come with a low rise, narrow legs, elasticated ankles and a drawcord at the waist. They could hardly be more sophisticated or stylish; they certainly couldn't be any more comfortable. This is due not only to the cut, but also to the high percentage of stable stretch fabric that supports every movement. The clean, sophisticated fabric of the Cosy Pants also scores points with its light summery weight and cool sportswear attitude. Particularly as the Mönchengladbach pants company interprets them with brilliant functions such as Ceramica, Cooler and Waterrepellent. Last but not least, the new Cosy Golf Pants from ALBERTO Golf are fantastic separates - not least due to the extensive range of colours available, which rivals that of a Pantone colour guide.

Sophisticated Swing for women

ALBERTO Golfwoman will also be making things cosy for women golfers in the new season. In every respect: not only the cut and fit guarantee maximum wearer comfort, also the elegant, in some cases technical fabrics are the ultimate in cosiness and wonderfully soft against the skin. The jogging pants for women feature a standard rise, drawcord waist, piped French pockets on the front and double piped pockets on the seat. The trendy length ending in a narrow, elegant turn-up at the ankle is also bang up to date. In terms of colour, ALBERTO Golfwoman celebrates the start of the season with pink, off-white and a maritime combination of blue and white. Abstract pastel flower prints on a white background made of flowing fabric also catch the eye. For the Ceramica option, ALBERTO Golfwoman relies on a muted tile look. The captivatingly simple beauty of the light structure shows the elegance of these pants off to perfection.

Win Win

With so much fashionable flair, it's hard to believe that ALBERTO Golf and ALBERTO Golfwoman are primarily sportswear lines. And in keeping with the golfwear label's mission statement, they are not only stylish, they are also and above all highly functional. After all, not without reason is the pants factory on the Lower Rhine seen as the pioneer of functional golf clothing. Ceramica is one such masterly high-tech fabric: the integrated clay minerals enable these pants to compensate for temperature differences of up to 5 degrees in either direction and thus to react the changes in weather that are normal during a round of golf. What's more, Ceramica's UV-repellent properties make it an absolute key piece for ambitious golfers, particularly on hot days. The model Cooler from ALBERTO is also incredibly refreshing. These intelligent golf pants combine no less than two technologies: firstly the water and dirt-repellent finish on the outside, and secondly the rapid transport of moisture from the inside of the textile. This unusual combination not only has a pleasant cooling effect, Cooler also makes unpleasant chills between or after the active phases a thing of the past. In terms of function, Waterrepellent is up to every trick. Unlike the other summer models from ALBERTO Golf, Waterrepellent is intended to be worn whenever rain clouds are looming. The raindrops simply pearl off these innovative golf pants with their special surface. Guaranteed. All this with optimum breathability and maximum wearer comfort. And when the sun comes out again, the pants' high-tech polyamide weave protects the wearer reliably from harmful UV radiation. Not without reason is Waterrepellent one of ALBERTO's bestsellers.

Cosy Golf Pants from ALBERTO will be available from January 2016 and cost between € 139 and € 159.

In 2004, a plane took off for the USA - and with it the success story of the Alberto Golf collection. On board: managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage: numerous creative ideas for a modern, functional golfwear collection. In the States, Walendy and Lanowy were awaited by professional golfer Alex Cejka, who at that time was attracting attention by wearing ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants. His enthusiasm about these pants became the foundation of a promising collaboration with the men's fashion label, and ALBERTO took on the challenge of revitalising the sportswear market. ALBERTO's years of fashion competence, and even more the development and use of innovative materials, gave rise to a unique golfwear collection that has conquered the market with striking designs, perfect cuts and brand-new functions. The label is now thoroughly established - golfers are familiar with the functional, expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

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