Spring/Summer Collection 2016

Cosy Summer

Summer, sunshine and the right pants for absolutely every occasion - for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, the Mönchengladbach-based pants tailors Alberto are once again launching a collection that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design, detail and fit. Their sophisticated signature also marks the fabrics, modifications and treatments featured. As stylistically versatile as ever, this collection clearly focuses on superfit. Brand new to the product range: the "Premium Business Cotton" styles that give business pants that final, ultra-fashionable finish.

Smart Cotton

Originally a consistently classic men's pants line, "Smart Cotton" has long since been transformed into a field of experimentation for contemporary pants culture accommodating the relaxed styling of a Casual Friday just as easily as the sporty business look. For summer 2016, Alberto presents an enormous range of designs, washes, colours and fabrics in this segment. The 5-pocket pants, Bermudas and slacks feature vividly overdyed Art Deco patterns - tiny three-dimensional floral patterns with reserve printing, wide printed stripes, fine Jacquard or discreet Paisley designs. The highlight is a slightly blurred jungle print that appears on both long pants and shorts. The omnipresent "PPT Cosy Cotton" segment encompasses four cotton articles with a discreet structure and light, washed-out colours veiled in mint and aqua, and a light melange style with polyester interweaving that makes it extremely elastic. The Cosy Jeans are joined by jersey fabrics made up in the style of classic jeans in black or blue and are available in five different washes. The jerseys with real indigo appeal go one step further. Thanks to a sophisticated bleaching treatment, the 5-pocket styles come very close to a real jeans look. The "Smart Cotton" colour palette ranges from various greys and blues to a deep navy.

Premium Business Cotton

Alberto's brand new "Premium Business Cotton" segment focuses on the fusion of superb quality, perfect cut and sophisticated details. Made up as slim-fit slacks or in 5-pocket style, these novel garments come not only with a fabulous grip, unique waistband and pocket linings and delicately worked belt loops, but also with their own labels. A soft silk/cotton mixture with an element of elastane ensures the ultimate wearer feeling; a colour palette featuring white, black, beige, grey, rose, grey-blue and various shades of blue guarantees an ultra-fashionable look.

Premium Jeans

The high-end cult of Premium Business Jeans is to be carried on next summer. Here fine Italian-made fabrics meet perfect cuts, sophisticated design features meet ultimate wearer comfort. Alberto presents three new articles that show how versatile the precious blue fabric really is. For the true connoisseur only.


Smart, slim and extremely progressive - Alberto's jeans program again pulls out all the stops of modern denim culture for the Spring/Summer 2016 season. The ultimate proof: the brand-new "Lou-J" slacks with narrow tapered legs, and no less than four superfit denims made of ultra-comfortable 360-degree stretch fabrics with more than 40 percent elasticity in deep indigo, grey, real indigo and colour look. Also on board: eleven articles made of luxury T400 fabric, extra-soft summer satin denims with playful illustrations on the lining, and rough vintage pants available both as Bermudas and in regular length. The trend for linen pants is also accounted for with one stretch model in clean look, another with a used wash, and a non-stretch model in authentic bleached stonewashed vintage look with buffies. The absolute highlight of the denim line is a pair of cyclist jeans. Coated in environmentally friendly, water and dirt-repellent ecorepel® and finished with Alberto lettering and a stylised reflective bicycle on the turn-ups, these clever pants also come with a waistband featuring cycle illustrations and a leather patch in keeping with the theme. The colour range varies from classic blues through beige, black and grey to military colours.

Lasered Indigo

Non-denim denim deluxe. The cotton pants in the new "Lasered Indigo" program use small, striking designs that play with the flair of the classic denim look yet break new ground in terms of style. One example is a graphic pattern lasered onto T400 fabric.

Smart Dressy

Classic cuts, perfect craftsmanship, unbeatable fit and the highest quality materials - the garments in the "Smart Dressy" program have always been the ultimate testimony to Alberto's core expertise. The Smart Dressy range for the summer 2016 season features fine, exceptionally classy structures, a lot of stretch and no shine. The look is again emphatically modern with discreet dark nuances. Mini checks, mini houndstooth patterns and herringbone designs come in melange look with a warm woollen character interpreted in light, airy, summer fabrics. Brand new: sophisticated overdyed viscose polyester.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants tailoring since 1922. Pants for men. Every since the early days, the company has been proving that it has what it takes to create high-quality contemporary fashion: the experience of several generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and an unerring instinct for trends, carefully selected materials and meticulous attention to every detail. In short: a creative process that reflects the superiority of these pants right from the start. No more - and certainly no less.

ALBERTO FS2016 Kollektionsbericht e
Motif 01 1801HOUSE 960 COSY COTTON
Motif 02 1801HOUSE 960 COSY COTTON
Motif 03 1801SLIM 899 COSY COTTON
Motif 04 1801SLIM 899 COSY COTTON
Motif 05 1859SLIM 868 COSY JEANS
Motif 06 1859SLIM 868 COSY JEANS
Motif 07 1885SLIM 875 SUPERFIT DENIM
Motif 08 1885SLIM 875 SUPERFIT DENIM
Motif 09 1885SLIM 875 SUPERFIT DENIM
Motif 10 1885SLIM 898 SUPERFIT DENIM
Motif 11 1902LOU 625 COMPACT COTTON
Motif 12 1903 710 COOL SILK
Motif 13 1903SAMMY 899 COOL SILK
Motif 14 1903SAMMY 899 COOL SILK
Motif 15 1912LOFT 820 TECHNO COTTON
Motif 16 1912LOFT 820 TECHNO COTTON
Motif 17 1918LOFT 100 SUMMER STRIPE
Motif 18 1918LOFT 100 SUMMER STRIPE
Motif 19 1922 930 BLACK&WHITE
Motif 20 1922 930 BLACK&WHITE
Motif 22 1975SLIM 101 T400 LIGHT DENIM
Motif 23 1981LOU-J 865 COSY SATIN
Motif 24 1981LOU-J 865 COSY SATIN
Motif 25
Motif 26
Motif 27 1997 890 DENIM FAKE
Motif 28 1997 890 DENIM FAKE
Motif 29 1924SAMMY 520 EASY RIDER
Motif 30 1924SAMMY 520 EASY RIDER
Motif 31 1927LOU-K-J 684 HAWAII
Motif 32 1927LOU-K-J 684 HAWAII
Motif 33 1927LOU-K-J 684 HAWAII
Motif 34 1925 065 JUNGLE
Motif 35 1923 860 OLD DYED PAISLEY
Motif 36 1923 860 OLD DYED PAISLEY
Motif 37 1980SLIM 897 PIPE OVERDYED T400
Motif 38 1980SLIM 897 PIPE OVERDYED T400
Motif 39 1980SLIM 897 PIPE OVERDYED T400
Motif 41 1992BIKE 899
Motif 42 1992BIKE 899
Motif 43 1992BIKE 899
Motif 44 1992BIKE 899
Motif 45 1801HOUSE 960 COSY COTTON
Motif 46 1885SLIM 875 SUPERFIT DENIM
Motif 47 1903 710 COOL SILK
Motif 49 1918LOFT 100 SUMMER STRIPE
Motif 50 1924SAMMY 520 EASY RIDER
Motif 51 1925PALM-K 065 JUNGLE
Motif 53 1959SLIM 862 COSY JEANS
Motif 54 1973SLIM 871 DUAL FX
Motif 55 1997 890 DENIM FAKE
Motif 56 4222 BULL
Motif 57 4222 BULL 999
Motif 58 4222 BULL
Motif 59 4801 X-MEN 585
Motif 60 4801 X-MEN 985
Motif 61 4805 PUNTINI RETRO 999
Motif 62 4810 PINECONE 520
Motif 63 4810 PINECONE 920
Motif 64 4901 WHITE VINTAGE 950
Motif 65 4901 WHITE VINTAGE 970
Motif 66 4920 890 HE
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