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Alberto Golfwoman: the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Golf fashion shouldn't just perform well, it should also make its wearer look good. A maxim that ALBERTO Golfwoman lives up to every season in its collections. The styles presented for the current Spring/Summer season are once again an attractive mixture of innovative, functional performance, the latest design trends and first-class tailoring. They are also impressive proof that ALBERTO Golfwoman offers absolutely everything the wearer needs to draw all eyes on the green, apart from a good game.

Dressy looks with a sporty twist

This spring, ALBERTO Golfwoman scores points with real power looks on the green - inspired by a casual, buoyant attitude to life, a love of playing outdoors in the fresh air and the smart catwalk trends presented everywhere from Paris to New York. The colours range from vivid and sporty to soft pastel shades harmoniously combined with pure white and off white. Zest for living is also a feature of the prints. The flower prints are true natural beauties that win hands down on the range. Whether Japanese cherry blossoms, geometrical abstracts, embossed or burnt out, delicate or intense - flowers give outfits a summery look no matter what form they take. Romantic lace radiates lightness. Reserve printing gives the discreetly overdyed pants their unique, youthful, modern appearance. The glamorous coated cotton pants tailored by the Mönchengladbach golfwear label are presented in pearly silver and rosé that exude a seductive hint of mother-of-pearl. In the Ceramica segment, ALBERTO Golfwoman relies on discreet honeycombing. The simplicity of these light structures is fascinating; these pants emanate an air of subtle elegance. However, there is no shortage of all-time classics in the new collection. Along with black/white minimals, leo Jacquards in pink and blue or green and blue guarantee an incredible wow factor.

Functions: it’s a kind of magic

With so much trendsetting, you could almost forget that ALBERTO Golfwoman is mainly about sportswear. And the pants tailors on the Lower Rhine firmly believe that sportswear should be both stylish and highly functional. Not without reason is the Mönchengladbach label seen as the pioneer of functional golf clothing. Move & Relax is yet another brand new product from the innovative company: these water-repellent, highly durable pants shape the figure while guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement. Unlike traditional golf pants, Move & Relax pants are knit rather than woven, making them incomparably elastic and incredibly comfortable. Two layers of this unusual fabric are bonded to ensure the polyester/elastane pants keep their attractive shape at all times. With Move & Relax, ALBERTO Golfwoman once again proves that beauty and comfort don't have to be mutually exclusive. Another of the collection's must-haves for the sunny season is Summer Cooler. These water-repellent, technical golf pants are not only ultra-light and pleasant to wear, they also filter harmful UV rays and create a refreshing cooling effect. These features are similar to those that have made the original Ceramica so much talked about. With their integrated clay minerals, these golf pants can balance temperatures by up to 5 degrees in each direction, thus compensating for the changes in weather that commonly happen on the golf course. Thanks to their UV-repellent properties, Ceramica is an absolute key piece for stylish golfers, particularly on hot days. Brilliant sunshine brings another first-class functional garment by ALBERTO onto the green: 3 x Dry Cooler. These innovative golf pants combine no less than two intelligent technologies in one garment, firstly the water and dirt-repellent finish on the outside and secondly the rapid transport of moisture from the inside. This unusual combination not only keeps the pants pleasantly cool; 3 x Dry Cooler has also long since banished the unpleasant chills between or after the active phases. Water Repellent is ALBERTO's absolutely waterproof bestseller. There are several factors that make these pants so popular: the water-repellent surface from which summer showers reliably pearl off, protection from harmful UV rays that also has a cooling effect, and finally the high percentage of stretch fabric that maximises the inimitable wearer comfort of these golf pants.

Formal sense, sensible form

The materials and designs are absolutely superb. And the cuts? That goes without saying! After all, ALBERTO has been producing modern classics of the traditional tailor's craft for more than 90 years - a whole world of shapes from multi-talented hands. Amy, for example, is the latest and most fashionable shape to join the collection. This model pays tribute to the catwalk trend for cosy upmarket jogging pants but has been interpreted for the golf course in highly sophisticated technical fabrics. Mona, the narrow 7/8 pants, now come in a Capri version with small slits at the sides and will also be available as knee-length shorts. There are several newcomers to the shorts scene: Madita, the casual, relaxed look with pockets in the side seams and piped pockets on the seat, is both sporty and subtle. More elegant is Rose, a special highlight of the collection. This skilful combination of a skirt at the front and pants at the back makes the wearer look exceptionally stylish without having to worry about hems riding up when bending down to pick up the ball. Regular slim-fit model Julia is invariably popular with its standard waist height and straight legs; it is now the 5-pocket alternative to Alva.

The new Spring/Summer 2016 collection from ALBERTO Golfwoman is complemented by innumerable beautiful yet practical details, including decorative elements such as rhinestone logos, linings featuring all-over meadow prints, and anti-slip bands inside the waistband that stop the wearer's top from falling out. Talking of tops: this season, ALBERTO again rounds off its look with numerous moisture-regulating golf shirts and polo shirts. And there is also a lot going on in the middle, with all types of belts flattering the waist. Long live the hip - or rather, the golf swing.

When both the tee-off and the clothing are perfect, you can be sure that ALBERTO Golfwoman is at work. This creative golfwear is the epitome of ultra-modern high-tech material and innovative function coupled with perfect fit and absolute fashion competence. And it also bears the signature of a professional, as Alex Cejka helped develop ALBERTO's very first golf pants. Over the 10 years that followed, the fashionable creative workshops at ALBERTO have developed numerous ground-breaking functions that since 2013 have also been integrated into stylish golfwear for women made of highly functional materials. Windproof, water-repellent, UV-repellent, dirt-resistant, performance -enhancing, hypoallergenic, cooling, warming - ALBERTO Golfwoman offers the right function for all weathers and all kinds of physical exertion.

Motif 01 5535MASTER-D-B | 7335ANJA-C
Motif 02 7335ANJA-C
Motif 03 5535SPIN | 7949AMY-G
Motif 04 5936SPIN | 7934ALVA
Motif 05 5936SPIN | 7934ALVA
Motif 06 7934ALVA
Motif 07 5970ROOKIE | 7937ALVA
Motif 08 5970ROOKIE | 7937ALVA
Motif 09 5970ROOKIE
Motif 10 5972GREEN-D
Motif 11 7335MONA-K
Motif 12 5978IAN | 7991JULIA
Motif 13 5978IAN-K | 7991JULIA
Motif 14 7991JULIA
Motif 15 5979MASTER | 7934MONA
Motif 16 7934MONA
Motif 17 5982EARNIE
Motif 18 7335ALVA
Motif 19 5982EARNIE | 7335ALVA
Motif 20 7335MONA-C
Motif 21 7335MONA-C | 5535ROOKIE
Motif 22 5535ROOKIE
Motif 23 7906KATE
Motif 24 5936PITCH
Motif 25 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 26 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 27 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 28 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 29 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 30 7938MONA | 5535PRO
Motif 31 7950ALVA | 5902ROOKIE
Motif 32 7951MADITA-K
Motif 33 7951MADITA-K | 5535ROOKIE
Motif 34 7953ROSE-K | 5535IAN
Motif 35 7953ROSE-K | 5535IAN
Motif 36 7953ROSE-K
Motif 37 7953ROSE-K | 5535IAN
Motif 38 7954ANJA | 5535PRO
Motif 39 7954ANJA
Motif 40 5535PRO
Motif 41 5535PRO
Motif 42 7956ANJA
Motif 43 7956ANJA | 5535PRO
Motif 44 5535LOFT 999 3XDRY COOLER
Motif 45 5535MASTER 810 3XDRY COOLER
Motif 48 5918IAN 890 SUMMER STRIPE
Motif 52 5979MASTER 065 FANCY PRINT
Motif 54 7335JULIA 980 3XDRY COOLER
Motif 55 7934ALVA 340 MOVE AND RELAX
Motif 56 7934MONA-K 330 MOVE AND RELAX
Motif 57 7937ROSE-K 330 SUMMER COOLER
Motif 60 7950ALVA 065 MOVE AND RELAX
Motif 61 7953JULIA 066 LEO
Motif 62 7991JULIA 920 PEARL COAT
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