It’s Tee Time, Darling!

Craft meets art: during the Fall/Winter season 2015/2016, ALBERTO Golfwoman will again be sending any number of sophisticated beauties onto the green. The golfwear label brings black and white together in harmonious contrast, sometimes in gentle encounters, other times in explosive rendezvous. The Mönchengladbach-based pants tailors also pay tribute to the glorious colors of fall with various opulent shades. Vivid jewel colors such as emerald, ruby, sapphire and amber shine out from vibrant allover prints, creating a look that stimulates all the senses. As always, ALBERTO's golf fashion is not only a festival of shapes and colors, but also and above all one of functions. This is where the collection is in a class of its own: intelligent high-tech materials defy wind and weather and are used to make functional, lastingly attractive favorites which will accompany their wearer for a long, long time.

Fashionable - functional, restrained - eye-catching, cool - warm, casual sportiness - sophisticated glamor, leisure - business, black - white: the motto of ALBERTO Golfwoman's new fall/winter collection 2015/2016 is "vive la différence". Full of contrasts yet absolutely harmonious, it ably rises to all the demands made by stylish, self-confident do-it-all women when looking for modern golfwear.

A wealth of contrasts

Checks in all sizes, salt & pepper, minimals, geometrical structures and extravagant all-over prints featuring golf clubs - ALBERTO Golfwoman presents many facets of the strikingly clear mix of magical black and pure white. This all-time favorite color combination appears in Ceramica and cotton mixes, creating a tough, mature look that works both on the golf course and in the office. ALBERTO Golfwoman also shows off the absolute opposite of this minimalistic color scheme: colors. And what colors! The radiance of timeless, harmonious fall classics such as bordeaux, mustard yellow, blue and forest green is enhanced by graphic designs, leaf prints and newly rediscovered paisleys, naturally lifting the wearer's mood on dark days. The collection features a blue/black flower print that reignites enthusiasm for winter golf. By all means catch the eye. But do it in style!

A wealth of functions

It goes without saying that ALBERTO golf pants can do a lot more than just look attractive. The golf wear label's stylish apparel conceals any number of practical functions. The Phase Change function is brand new to the golfwear segment. Thanks to the coating of that name applied to the inside of the garment, these golf pants can store warmth and transfer it to the wearer during the long periods spent on the icy green. Once all the warmth has dissipated after several hours outdoors, a brief stay in the club house will allow the pants to store more warmth and keep the wearer comfortable during the next round.

Another innovation is that ALBERTO has given its iconic Ceramica fabric, known for its ability to compensate for extremes of temperature, a functional upgrade for the Fall/Winter season by adding a water-repellent finish. This means the miracle pants not only protect the wearer from harmful UV rays, but also compensate for changes in temperature and keep the wearer comfortably dry even in the rain and snow.

ALBERTO'S Rain & Wind Fighter also scores points with its rain and wind-repellent properties. The welded seams of these breathable golf pants with integrated Sympatex lining make them 100% waterproof and able to withstand even the worst weather conditions. As always, the creative team from Mönchengladbach found something to improve in even these perfect pants: the soft grip of the external fabric and a modicum of extra stretch for even greater wearer comfort.

The special cotton/polyamide fabric used for Winter Water Repellent filters harmful UV rays even in winter. The high percentage of cotton, roughened on the inside, makes the golf pants retain warmth, a feature that is particularly valuable in winter. Drops of water simply run off the water-repellent surface, reliably protecting the wearer from moisture.

Developed by ALBERTO especially for the cold weather, the roughened inside and insulating air layer of Warm up kit the wearer out for even the coldest weather. The waterproof finish also guarantees that the snow and rain won't diminish the joy of playing golf in winter. The high stretch percentage guarantees additional wearer comfort.

The 3xDry Cooler is also something out of the ordinary when it comes to functionality. These golf pants rapidly transport moisture from the inside to the outside, where it immediately evaporates. As water and dirt are also repelled from the outside, it is impossible for any part of the pants to become damp. Excess heat and unpleasant shivering after the active phase are therefore a thing of the past.

A wealth of shapes

The ALBERTO Golfwoman collection also presents a variety of shapes. The Regular Slim Fit pants feature low waists and skinny legs. Julia is a brand new model in this part of the collection. With a high waist and narrow legs, Julia is the perfect five-pocket pants for fashion-conscious golfers with both feet on the ground - or rather on the green. The narrow five-pocket drainpipes with French pockets are named Alva. The narrow cigarette-shaped pants known Kate convince the onlooker with their smart casual appearance. Maria-L. is particularly sporty with slash pockets and zips at the ankles. ALBERTO Golfwoman interprets modern fit pants with normal waists and straight legs. This segment is led by Anja, the classic five-pocket pants. The flatfront line is represented by Anna-T and its lined counterparts Anna and Sandra, each of which score points with various pocket solutions.

ALBERTO Golfwoman clothing is priced between 99 € and 169 €.

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