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Good design has to stand up to inspection from all angles. True to this principle, ALBERTO Golf has developed a small, truly exquisite collection for the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 that anticipates the signs of the times and is an exemplary symbiosis of craft, material expertise and design. After the years of fashionably bright colours, ALBERTO - with a few exceptions - is now focusing on muted classics and an air of relaxation. This is good, because the new golf pants speak for themselves with outstanding quality, innovative materials and numerous well thought out, carefully realised details.

Fashionable precautions

Wind, rain and cold are every golf player's handicap - unless he takes precautions. And this has never been easier than in the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 golf season. He will certainly find any number of intelligent helpers at ALBERTO Golf. The new collection from the Mönchengladbach-based golfwear label was as always developed taking the winter golfer's needs and movements into account and exudes a casual, sporty air that emphasises the wearer's look and personality.


In icy temperatures, for example, the Thermolite lining of the Thermo-Cotton model will keep the golfer warm and cosy. The inner pockets of these water-resistant and dirt-repellent golf pants made of cotton gabardine have now been specially lined with fine terry cloth. This allows the golfer to dry his hands quickly and easily and ensures he keeps a sure, accurate grip on his club. Warm up now also has these pockets upgraded with terry cloth. Together with Water Water Repellent, it rounds off the range of golf styles suitable for winter, all of which guarantee warmth, cosy wearer comfort and a water-resistant, dirt-repellent finish.

All-rounders for all weathers

Thanks to its breathable Sympatex lining and welded seams, Rain & Wind Fighter defies even the worst weather conditions. It goes without saying that these golf pants also have pockets lined with terry cloth. Water Repellent is another feature of the waterproof category. Drops of water simply pearl off the moisture-repellent surface, guaranteeing that the wearer's legs stay warm and dry.

Regulation and protection

ALBERTO's model Phase Change is a brand-new innovation. Thanks to the coating of that name applied to the inside of the garment, these golf pants can store bodily and surrounding warmth and transfer it gradually to the wearer while he is playing golf on the icy course. A process that can be repeated as often as the player likes. As the pants gradually cool down, a short time spent indoors is enough to replenish the warmth stored in them. The 3xDry finish also reliably repels both dirt and water. ALBERTO'S 3xDry Cooler also promises to regulate warmth naturally. Moisture is transported directly to the surface, where it immediately evaporates. To be precise, three times more quickly than in normal pants. The special 3xDry finish also ensures that neither dirt nor water can penetrate. The remarkable stretch component in both pants guarantees maximum wearer comfort that supports every movement.


Ceramica is probably copied more often than any other ALBERTO pants - hardly surprising when you consider what these pants can do. Not only do the tiny clay particles worked into the fabric offset temperatures by up to 5 degrees in each direction, effortlessly compensating for changes in weather, these pants also have hypoallergenic and UV-repellent properties. And as if this wasn't enough, ALBERTO has also given these cult golf pants another treatment for the winter season: Ceramica now also has a water-resistant and dirt-repellent finish. Best of all: despite all these functions, the golf pants still retain their much sought after, inimitably soft texture.


Thermo Cotton and Winter Water Repellent catch the eye in autumnal pine and terracotta or wintry grey, anthracite and navy. All other solid-coloured models appear in masculine black, navy or beige or sporty royal blue and vivid green. The patterned golf pants from ALBERTO also attract attention all down the line. Besides muted checks and mini-designs, the high-tech golf pants feature three new prints. Houndstooth and mini-diamond prints in black and anthracite exude an air of sophistication. The golf club all-over print in clear black and white is both striking and minimalistic. Finally, the highlight in the fancy segment is a statement print consisting of a golfer, green, tee and golf ball.

ALBERTO Golf pants are priced between 99 € and 169 €.

In 2004, a plane took off for the USA - and with it the success story of ALBERTO's Golf collection. On board: managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage: numerous creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the States, Walendy and Lanowy were awaited by professional golfer Alex Cejka, who at that time was attracting attention because he preferred to wear ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants. His enthusiasm about these pants became the foundation of a promising partnership with the men's fashion label, and ALBERTO took on the challenge of revitalising the men's sportswear market. The years of fashion competence and even more the development of and use of innovative materials gave rise to a unique golfwear collection that has conquered the market with striking designs, perfect cuts and brand new functions. The label is now thoroughly established - golfers are familiar with the functional, expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

ALBERTO Golf AW 2015-2016 CollectionReport e
Motif 01 5802 548 PIMA COTTON
Motif 02 5834 890 WARM UP
Motif 03 5836 390 WATER REPELLENT
Motif 04 5837 865 RAIN WINDFIGHTER
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