Denim refinement at its best:

ALBERTO presents: premium jeans

Jeans should not only fit the wearer to a tee, they should also be perfectly appropriate for the occasion. After all, dress codes are still dress codes. In the past, making the former work pants suitable for office or party wear was frequently a delicate matter. This is not the case with ALBERTO. The new denim line available from the Mönchengladbach-based pants label is definitely setting trends – even in the world of elegant outfits. Intensive refinements have resulted in the creation of premium jeans that are not just elegant, but also give the wearer a polished professional look. Great styling reviews are therefore guaranteed.

ALBERTO introduced its premium denim line just a season ago; however, the smart looking jeans have already become a permanent fixture in the company’s collection. The second edition proves once again that there’s still a lot of room for innovation in the world of high-end jeans refinement. Hence, it has become easy for ALBERTO to defy the arguments of those who claim that the cool blue pants are way too casual for the office or the next cocktail party. The fashion brand now offers six sophisticated premium jeans models in exclusive fabric qualities with carefully selected high-end features that have been added in all of those places where a relaxed look and stylish assertiveness count. In the silk denim segment, the pant designers from the Lower Rhine Region have already launched two models. These luxury jeans made of a blend of cotton and silk feel particularly satiny and velvety to the touch and offer maximum fit comfort. A unique dyeing process ensures that these pants neither wash out nor transfer colour to other garments, which makes them perfect companions for light coloured business shirts and sports jackets. The two exquisite super stretch models and the Dual FX Luxury Denim offer supreme performance thanks to their high T400 thread count, which is blended with Elasthan to ensure maximum comfort paired with absolute form stability. These fabrics will not bulge out in the knee areas, where they are put through a lot of stress as a result of frequent bending and sitting at the desk or in conference rooms. Business appropriateness is also guaranteed by the dark dyes of deepest indigo or black marine. The special waistband combined with the fabric lined saddle deliver consistent comfort all day long. All ALBERTO premium denim range products have these features. Hence, these elegant but sturdy pants are perfect companions – from the first espresso in the morning to the late evening meeting or after work party – and they are always super comfortable. They are also wrinkle resistant – a solid fact that will not only find the approval of trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts, but most especially that of frequent travellers. ALBERTO premium denims are available in 14 different washes. The prices range from € 99.95 to € 149.95.

ALBERTO SS 2015 Premium Jeans EN
ALBERTO SS 2015 1761STONE 899
ALBERTO SS 2015 1762PIPE 895
ALBERTO SS 2015 1772SLIM 985
ALBERTO SS 2015 1780SLIM 895(1)
ALBERTO SS 2015 1780SLIM 895(2)
ALBERTO SS 2015 1780SLIM 895(3)
ALBERTO SS 2015 1786PIPE 899
ALBERTO SS 2015 1791PIPE 990
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