Alberto Golfwoman

Collection report
S/S 2015


It’s time! Alberto Golfwoman presents the head-turners for Spring/Summer season 2015

Some pants are simply perfect. Like the ones by ALBERTO. The model label from Mönchengladbach is once again showcasing creativity and trend on the greens with its Golfwoman collection Spring 2015: colours and prints that catch the eye. It is a look for strong, ambitious women, which combines function, fashion and lifestyle to the ultimate level while remaining deliciously feminine at the same time. The effect of this electrifying mix is simply sensational – in sports as well as fashion. ALBERTO Golfwoman leaves only one wish unfulfilled: a wish for more of these hot summer companions!

The look for a fresh presence

These colours bring summer into the golf outfit. Be it monochrome, modern checks or mixed with a relaxed look – bright colours like lemon yellow, azure, pink, lilac or white compete with the sun and combine with airy cotton for relaxed ease and good mood on the greens. Floral Total: The exciting floral prints are a sure means to a good mood as well. From playful girl-like to ultra feminine satin looks or embossed flowers to lush, complete meadows – ALBERTO golf pants have the flower power and also reveal their trendy charm. The water-resistant cotton satin by the Mönchengladbach golfwear label is a real riot of colours and prints. Lively colours and large designs dominate the collection. The abstract skyline silhouette and a modern art print create a smart thrill and make for real artworks in cool statement pants. ALBERTO Golfwoman also offers a fresh kick with its Ceramica collection. Simple honeycomb gets the look of a maximizer with soft pastels, increasing the effect of the temperature balancing pants.


Where ALBERTO golf pants charm fashionably, their functions arouse reasonable excitement. The original Ceramica by the Mönchengladbach sportswear line promises optimum wear comfort. With clay mineral particles incorporated on the fabric’s surface, the pants equalise temperature differences up to 5 degrees both ways and compensates for weather changes common to a golf course. Anti-allergic and UV-resistant properties make the pants a must-have for ambitious golfers, especially on a hot day. The two top functional items Cool Plus and 3 x Dry Cooler are ALBERTO’s further response to climbing temperatures, as both pants actively support the body’s internal cooling system with their innovative materials. The material helps guide moisture directly to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly. In addition, the special 3xDry system reliably keeps off dirt and water. Since moisture cannot remain in the fabric either from inside or outside, the intelligent pants not only prevent heat accumulation, but also the uncomfortable shivers between or after the active game phases. All these discomforts are a thing of the past. If rain clouds cover a clear blue sky again, the absolutely water-resistant Water-repellent by ALBERTO Golfwoman are the pants of choice. Its moisture repelling surface makes water drops roll off, keeping the body comfortably dry. And when the sun shines again, the polyamide elastane yarn keeps off the UV rays and provides a cooling effect. Meanwhile, the matchless wearing comfort is multiplied by the stretchability of the pants, making them ultra comfortable. Another masterpiece is the Rain & Wind Fighter by ALBERTO Golfwoman with a perfect balancing of the inner and outer experience. There is a pore-less Sympatex membrane between the top material and inner lining, which makes the golf pants 100% wind and water resistant. Wind chill effect and even the worst of rainfalls don’t have a shade of a chance. The well thought through technology doesn’t leave out breathability through the membrane, which takes the moisture directly from the body and transports it outside, where it evaporates in a flash. The clothes and body remain comfortably dry at all times.

Fits come in a variety of options

Regular Slim Fit by ALBERTO Golfwoman comes in low-rise with ultra skinny leg fit. The range includes four perfectly fitting models. Alva is the narrow five-pocket model with French pockets. The chinos range comes with side kick pleats and zip in ALBERTO Mona and the 7/8 model Alisa. Attractive cross-seam in the knee area cover the gap between golf and street fashion. Kate is smart and casual. With its narrow cigarette cut, Kate is the ideal choice in golf pants for women going for golf straight from work. Just change blazer and top with a polo, and it’s on! Modern Fit is the main range of women’s golf collection by ALBERTO. It includes ten successful models with normal rise and straight cut. Anja has a classic fie-pocket cut. Similar to it is Anja-C with three-fourth length and has a broad top stitch and small slit on the hem of the side joint. The capri model is particularly eye-catching with playful cuff at the edge of the leg with side zips. The classic flat-front models are Anna-T, and its lined counterparts Anna and Sandra, which can be distinguished with their different styles of pockets. The models Audrey-K, Nele-K and Alina-K are short and snug. As bermudas, cargos and shorts, the three pants give the much-needed freedom to legs so appreciable in golf. The crowning glory is Emma. The sexy, shaping skort with narrow, shaping inner pants of elastic Emana fibres strengthen the connective tissues, reduces cellulite making it not just fashionable, but also beautifying. Attention!: Emma will now also be available in a longer, knee-length model.

As is true for all ALBERTO Golfwoman models, there are many small, but fine details here as well. There is, for example, an anti-slip band in the inner waistband, which prevents the top from coming out. Another anti-slip band in the hip pockets ensures the gloves stay in their place. Embellishments like a discreet label add to the evidence of great care and an absolute love for detail.

The pants in the ALBERTO Golfwoman collection are available in sizes 34 to 48 and are in the price segment between 99 and 159 euros.

ALBERTO Golfwoman CollectionReport S/S2015
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