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Collection report
S/S 2015

Let’s have it!!

ALBERTO Golf presents the most significant golf look of the Spring/Summer season 2015

The most comfortable of golf pants you can wear come from ALBERTO Golf. Why? Because this textile innovations company has been able to combine high-tech materials and fashion like no other. This season, the sportswear label presents a mix of pantone colours, checks, stripes and fancy look – everything you need besides a good game to stand out on the greens. And the best part: the new golf pants by ALBERTO Golf aren’t just ultra functional. They are also extremely multifarious since they can be combined for sporty, hip and gentlemanly looks. No surprise, then, that the pants and shirts are worn by the most casual of men on the course.

Just take a look – these golf pants are the next to last fashion trend

Every season we think “Can’t get any better”! Every season ALBERTO Golf proves it wrong. VIP is getting a new meaning: Very. Important. Pants. This calls for being very strong because ALBERTO golf pants are not for the weak-minded. They are ruthlessly trendsetting. Beginning with the colours, that show the entire spectrum of a pantone line with white, yellow, orange, red in all shades of cherry to pink, mint, light or grass green, turquoise, light blue, ocean, royal, marine, lilac, violet, light grey, putty, beige, brown and black. Sometimes with stripes in a shirts and pyjama look, sometimes mixed with staid houndstooth, classic checks or placative prints, these designs provide the colours the best contrasts and give the combination a certain class. At any rate - ALBERTO Golf is never boring!

Intelligent fabric collection

Mildly spring, grilling hot, or still cold and rainy? No reason is good enough not to golf. The outfits by the Mönchengladbach label are not just a trendy brownie point, they also impress with their innovative functions. For instance, Cool Plus is a pair of trousers with marvels to its credit. The new entry in the golf pants collection is super light and extremely breathable giving you an easy time with a cool, calm game. The credit for this goes to the Coolmax fibres, which offer increased textile surface area due to their unique cross-section. Moisture is guided through capillary action from the body to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates in the wind. The skin remains perceptibly drier and cooler for long. It also helps keep the pulse rate remarkably lower, thus keeping the player’s performance intact for longer. The 3xDry Cooler by ALBERTO Golf also actively supports the body’s own cooling system – an effect that can have remarkable impact on the game, since the higher the temperatures, the higher the energy consumption of the body. With 3xDry Cooler, ALBERTO Golf combines two clever technologies: first the innovative hollow fibre fabric which transports moisture to the surface, where it evaporates. With this natural cooling function of the skin, the body receives more energy during a game. Second, the special 3XDry feature keeps off dirt and water reliably. So, moisture cannot take hold from the inside or the outside. This not only prevents heat accumulation, but the unpleasant shivers during and after the active phases are also a thing of the past. 3xDry Cooler by ALBERTO helps golfers with optimised energy usage and better performance besides regenerating the body remarkably more quickly. Ceramica is another, stylish and functional pair of trousers by the creative pants’ manufacturer. The golf pants contain tiniest particles of clay minerals on the surface of the fabric and reflect almost the entire UV rays reaching it. This guarantees optimum protection from sun’s rays. But this heavy-duty pair can do much more. With its thermal properties, it provides an equalisation of up to 5 degrees up or down so that Ceramica by ALBERTO Golf heats in cold weathers and cools when it is hot. Anti-allergic properties add to the notability of these golf pants. The silky soft surface and the high stretch that effortlessly aids all moements guarantee highest wearing comfort. As a pioneer of the functional golf clothing, ALBERTO Golf naturally has an answer to the weather fluctuations usual to spring. This masterpiece is called Water Repellent and, with its moisture-repelling surface from which the water drops just rolls off, easily and reliably keeps off rain and dirt. The pants also filter the UV rays with its high-tech polyamide fabric. Optimum breathability and absolute wear comfort are other obvious features of the summer golf trousers.

Triple F: Fashion – Function – Features

Last but not the least, the elaborate styling of the pants demonstrates the perfect interplay of fashion and functionality since, like always, creativity is sprinkled generously here. Extra-deep pockets for the additional golf ball are one of the many of these trendy additions. The tee-holder on the side pocket mouth is quite useful, too. The hip pockets designed for coins and pen are also a standard feature. Also, silicon-coated non-slip bands ensure that the gloves and shoes stay in place. So, gentlemen, enough of talk. Off to the greens, then.

ALBERTO Golf CollectionReport S/S2015
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