Alberto Golf

Collection report
AW 2014/2015

Functional trend fits for winter

ALBERTO Golfwear reaches new heights

When the green turns white with frost and snow, many golfers take time out because the weather is too bad for play. This isn’t necessary. At least, not with the right clothing. To be more precise: with golf wear from ALBERTO. Long since known for the standards set by its collections, the textile innovators from Mönchengladbach again pull out all the stops for the Fall/Winter collection 2014/2015. The result is a stylish golf line which defies wind and weather and keeps the wearer warm and flexible even in the bitterest winter temperatures.

Tee off in terrible weather? Of course you can! However, functional golf clothing with intelligent technical features is essential to prevent wind, rain, snow and frosty temperatures from becoming a handicap. This is why ALBERTO Golf’s Fall/Winter collection for 2014/2015 introduces no less than two innovations.

Teeing off in the snow

Thermo cotton is the new must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to let snow and icy temperatures keep them indoors. These waterproof, dirt-repellent golf pants have a warm inner lining made of Thermolite. This functional fabric consists of hollow fibers which trap air effectively, creating warmth and insulation with no extra weight. This means there are no restrictions on the wearer’s freedom of movement. Thermolite also has another advantage: the hollow fibers transport moisture from the skin to the surface more quickly, allowing it to evaporate rapidly. Thermo cotton, available in beige, red, blue, green, grey and black, therefore keeps the wearer dry as well as warm. The winter pants range is rounded off by the models Warm-up, Cotton Softshell and Bielastic Softshell. All three styles have pleasant, thermal wearer comfort, waterproofing and dirt-repellent properties in common. The color palette is dominated by autumnal shades, particularly red, green, blue, curry and brown. Lovers of classics will prefer sophisticated black or elegant grey.

Another winter highlight is ALBERTO Golf’s black softshell jacket. This breathable it-garment is roughened on the inside and contains a high percentage of stretch material, making it warm and providing maximum wearer comfort. The adjustable waistband doesn’t give wind the slightest chance to penetrate. ALBERTO Golf’s range of essential undergarments features a breathable turtleneck shirt, which regulates moisture in a way similar to functional underwear.

All-round talents for all weathers

Rain & Wind Fighter
is the secret weapon against wind and rain. With their breathable Sympatex lining, these golf pants defy even the most appalling weather conditions. Pocket openings specially made with fine towelling keep the wearer’s hands beautifully warm and dry. Rain & Wind Fighter also looks stylish in black, beige, blue, red and green. The surface of ALBERTO Golf’s Water-Repellent model is absolutely waterproof. Drops of water just roll off the golf pants, keeping the legs pleasantly warm. These miracle pants are also real eyecatchers: along with discreet black, navy, brown and beige, they provide a brilliant splash of color with red, royal blue and green.

The essentials

3xDry Cooler
supports the body’s natural heat regulation mechanisms. This is thanks to the innovative fabric made of hollow fibers, which conduct moisture directly to the surface, where it evaporates rapidly – three times quicker than with traditional fabrics. The special 3xDry finish is also water-resistant and dirt-repellent. As moisture can neither be trapped inside nor penetrate from outside, these intelligent pants prevent unpleasant chills after phases of activity. The high percentage of stretch fibers also guarantees optimum wearer comfort. Available in black, red, brown, beige, cement, white, royal blue, dark blue, sky blue, navy, green, turquoise, petrol and orange, 3xDry Cooler is perfect for every situation from the range to the piste.
Ceramica pants are not just pants, Ceramica is cult. The tiny clay particles inside the fabric balance out temperature differences by up to 5 degrees in each direction, thus compensating for the weather changes which commonly occur during an extended round of golf. Anti-allergic and UV-repellent properties are additional features which make these pants functional classics for every golfer. These golf pants have a lot to offer, not only in terms of function. Whether in anthracite, black, pepita look or classic Black Watch tartan – the motto is checks as far as the eye can see.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants production since 1922. Pants for men. Ever since its beginnings, the company has been showing what it takes to design high-quality, contemporary fashion: the experience of several generations of professional workmanship united with technological innovation and a sure instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and close attention to every detail. In short: a creative process which reflects the superior nature of these pants right from the start. No more – and certainly no less.