Alberto Golfwoman

Collection report
AW 2014/2015

Incomparably trendy, uncompromisingly functional

Alberto Golfwoman presents winter golf essentials for women

ALBERTO’s Golfwoman collection has achieved something which many people can only dream of: top performance at the very first tee-off. Word has got around quickly among ambitious lady golfers that, as men have already known for a long time, ALBERTO stands for premium sportswear which skilfully combines golf, fashion and lifestyle, thus eliminating the dividing line between functional golf wear and fashionable leisure clothing. The Möchengladbach fashion label’s success concept can be summed up in just a few words – absolute determination to be perfect. This is again evident in the new collection for the Fall/Winter season 2014/2015, in which vivid colors meet classic styles. From trendy checks to metallic looks, ALBERTO has everything a woman could want. However, it’s not just the colors of the Golfwoman collection that defy the weather. Windproof, water-repellent and thermal features are guaranteed not to leave women out in the cold and make sure they can keep warm in style.

This season will definitely not be dark and gloomy – at least, not on the golf course. The new ALBERTO Golfwoman collection tees off the new season with earthy shades and vivid colors. Brilliant mustard yellow, deep bordeaux, marine, olive and elegant sandy brown all set the tone and get the wearer in the mood for fall. Women who love more vibrant shades are catered for with trendy cool colors.

Exemplary in every respect

With its new Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection, ALBERTO Golfwoman again proves who wears the pants on the green - no matter whether they feature trendy checks, indispensable flower prints or lots of glitter. The new golf styles are just waiting to be worn off the range as well as on. Trendy metallic-look pants add a touch of glamor to the game. Gold with fine stripes and metallic sequins are absolute eyecatchers and pretty much the hippest thing a woman can wear on her legs. ALBERTO Golfwoman’s statement pants also score points all along the line. Geometric patterns, fashionable black and white checks, imaginative designs and colorful prints on exquisite velvet make the collection instantly recognizable and every onlooker jealous. Feeling blue? Not with ALBERTO Golfwoman! With trendy washes and baroque patterns, the cult fabric is transformed from a classic to a fashion favourite.

In great shape

Want to cut a fine figure on the golf course? No problem with Beauty Shape from ALBERTO Golfwoman. The Mönchengladbach-based innovators have mixed Emana fibers with ultrasoft cotton pants to improve their elasticity and even more to strengthen the fabric. This gives thighs and bottom a perfect shape and visibly reduces cellulite.

Fashion meets function

A four-leaved clover gives optimum protection from appalling weather during the winter season. Warming, comfortable and stylish: this is often felt to be a contradiction in terms, but not at ALBERTO Golfwoman. Specially developed for the cold season, Warm Up protects the wearer from wintry temperatures with roughened inside surfaces and an insulating air layer. Even snow and rain can’t diminish the pleasure of playing. The water-repellent finish makes sure of this. The high percentage of stretch fabric guarantees optimum wearer comfort. The 3xDry Cooler is also an absolute miracle in terms of function. Its secret lies in the hollow fibers in the fabric. These quickly transport moisture from the inside to the outside, where it evaporates in no time at all. Water and dirt are also repelled from the outside. As moisture can’t accumulate anywhere in the clothing, these intelligent pants prevent the build-up of excess heat and unpleasant chills after phases of activity. The Rain & Wind Fighter defies even the severest weather conditions with its breathable Sympatex lining and non-porous membrane. Brand new: this it-garment now has welded seams, meaning that besides being a lightweight fashion piece, it can also cope effortlessly with strong winds and heavy rain. The Winter Water-Repellent with its moisture-repellent surface is absolutely waterproof. Drops of water simply roll off the surface, the wearer’s body stays pleasantly dry. The high percentage of cotton, cosily roughened on the inside, guarantees thermal comfort. The polyamide/cotton fabric also protects the wearer from harmful UV rays in winter.

The all-weather all-round talents

ALBERTO’s Softshell Bielastic is an all-weather all-round talent. These high-tech golf pants have outstanding moisture transport properties and are ideal for changeable weather conditions. The high percentage of elasthane fibers guarantee optimum flexibility and wearer comfort. The original Ceramica pants are also incredibly comfortable to wear. The clay particles integrated into the fabric balance temperatures by up to 5 degrees in each direction, thus compensating for the weather changes to be expected during a round of golf. Anti-allergic and UV-repellent properties make these pants a must-have for ambitious lady golfers. Always flexible. Always in shape. This is the promise made by T400, pants so comfortable you can’t imagine wearing any others. Thanks to the permanent stretch component, T400 pants not only fit perfectly without being too tight, they always return to their original shape.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants production since 1922. Pants for men. Ever since its beginnings, the company has been showing what it takes to design high-quality, contemporary fashion: the experience of several generations of professional workmanship united with technological innovation and a sure instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and close attention to every detail. In short: a creative process which reflects the superior nature of these pants right from the start. No more – and certainly no less.

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