Collection Report
SS 2014

A day at the golf course is like food for the soul: moving in fresh air not only trains the body, but also improves the mood. The ideal outfit for the golfing day needs to be functional and chic-looking. Alberto Golfwoman combines the two and offers an exciting collection for the Spring/Summer season, which impresses outside of the greens as well. Even as colours, dotted patterns and even the classic houndstooth have made their mark, it goes without saying that the functionality of the shirts and trousers does not lag behind the fashion achievements. The materials continue to fight wind and weather and enable optimum wear comfort with their stretchability, while retaining unrestricted freedom of movement. A perfect interplay of fashion and functionality.

Best dressed with the sportswear line Alberto Golfwoman

Alberto Golfwoman uses delicate materials with well thought of functionality and wear comfort. A silky feel and classy sheen are the secrets of the must-have botanic silk trousers. The cotton-mix fabric is lent airiness by the micromodal mixture while combining the wear comfort of silk and cotton. The 3x Dry Cooler guarantees freshness. This lightweight fabric makes it easy to keep a cool head even in the summer temperatures. Airy fabrics combined with the Ceramica Doubleface create a real dream team: summery cotton with a cooling Ceramica mix and a little of the stretch ensure the best possible wear comfort. If the skies do darken, the summer water repellent will keep off the rain. The polyamide yarn not only filters the UV rays, but also offers additional water-resistance. T-holder, shirt stopper and an anti-skid band glove in the hip pocket complete the equipment range to carry.

New in the Denim Range

Feminine and classy details make the jeans with unobtrusive washes real showstoppers. Among the favourites in the Alberto Golfwoman collection are the super stretch denim, which is extra comfy and elastic with its mix of T400. The biggest craze is the beauty shape denim. The jeans, with its Emana fibre, provides younger and more supple skin, reduces cellulite and strengthens the connective tissue.

The Look

Colours, colours, colours – the Alberto Golfwoman collection, releasing its third collection with the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, is a show of fireworks with a colour-heavy collection. But shocking colours are passé. The spectrum now includes bright, brilliant colours and subtle, classy sorbet and pastel tones. These colours, with their unaffected lightness, bring out the elegance and fresh sportiness of the new trousers perfectly. The love for details is also reflected in the inner lining of the trousers, where sophisticated paisley pattern and lace find a comfortable entry in the collection. Floral patterns and uncomplicated graphical shapes lend modernity and uniqueness to the look at the greens. Sorbet and delicate pastel colours have been used in floral, Japanese-looking patterns that are impressionistic and graphical at the same time. They have been turned into real eye-catchers with warm contrasting tones. Black and white balance the colours. From houndstooth to dotted patterns, this colour combination remains a clincher and makes the trousers even more desirable. While you are admiring the elegant combination, a clever camouflage makes appearance to confound your senses. A pair of trousers with a printed meadow full of daisies succeeds in increasing the pining for the approaching summer. A pattern, that looks so sumptuous and unique, that it will be difficult to hide.

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