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SS 2014

Winston Churchill didn’t think much of golf: “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” Nevertheless, an increasing number of golfers are doing just that. The green sport moves all who like fresh air, enjoy nature and want to learn concentration and train in these surroundings. Those who enjoy the course, train the body and finds peace, balance and relaxation at the same time. Alberto Golf is designed to provide the right look for this great game. The sportswear label -- well-known for highly functional and trendy outfits – has designed innovative outfits with a healthy dose of passion and that go-getter spirit for the Spring/Summer season 2014.

Ideal companion for the green sport: Alberto Golf

Two birds with the same stone: the Nano Inzectic

Alberto Golf is about outfits that are not just trendy and always in vogue, but also the ones that inspire with innovative functions. It is no surprise, then, that the makers of the sportswear are all enthusiastic golfers and test their new designs very carefully. A committed team works on the creation and collection at the Mönchengladbach headquarters. The team has a soft spot for excellent design, enthusiasm for trends, a knack for vision and meaningful innovation. The Nano Inzectic, being introduced in the Spring/Summer 2014 season is a shining example. Passionate golfers have heard of the insect and tick proof trousers only in premium fabrics, so the high-end and impressive functionality has now been mixed with cottons. The result: the golf trousers now has a special soft feel without obvious coating, but is still resistant to dirt, staining, water and insects while keeping its breathability intact. In addition, the broad range of models in the new season has two slim fits reinvented as slacks and five-pockets.

The Look

The love for colour blossoms even before the sun's first rays kiss spring. The bold colours combined with each other set the tone for the Spring/Summer collection of Alberto Golf. A particularly light Ceramica with a broad range of colours raises the bar of premium look in the cottons section. The Alberto Golf bestsellers, starting from the 3x DryC, the Water Repellent to the Rain and Wind Fighter, the trousers have a whole new colour range. The fashion upgrade of the 3x Dry Cooler includes a summery gingham look and colourful stripes. The focus is on small but effective details: the researched models have seams of printed fabric with grass pattern so that it is visible after willowing. Both the highlights of the collection have made it chic – a pair of trousers with colourful paisley pattern and another with a printed grass pattern.

The Shirt Collection

The Alberto Golf trousers cry out for a comparable counterpart on top: functional with a trendy attitude. Be it stripes or colour blocks – the trendy shirts reinterpret the classic golf look. A cotton polo neck shirt, for instance, has contrast stripes at the collar and armhole seam or the colour block shirt with different coloured armholes, collar, body and seams. The printed shirt with embroidered Alberto A, a bright white shirt with coloured buttons or the jersey dry fit shirt with a striking A on the left sleeve are very ready for spring. This is tomorrow’s look.

The Label ALBERTO Golf

In 2004, a flight took off for the USA and thus began the success story of the golf collection by ALBERTO. On board: the two managing directors of the company – Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. Carrying: a bagful of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the States, Walendy and Lanowy were expected by Alex Cejka, who was amassing much attention for wearing ALBERTO pants on the greens instead of regular golf trousers. Boosted by similar models in the men’s collection, a promising cooperation germinated for the men’s label, and ALBERTO took the challenge of enlivening the sportswear market. It wasn't just the years of knack in fashion, but also the development and use of innovative materials that gave birth to a special golf wear that stands out with its eye-catching designs, perfect cuts and latest functionalities. Now, the label is well established -- golfers know the functional and expressive, trendy golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

Background information on ALBERTO Golf: 11 functions for golfers

Alberto Golf is known for its innovative products. The Rain&WindFighter fits perfectly in this group and gives the collection an all-wind, all-weather pair of pants. The inners of the golf pants complement the exterior: between the top fabric of matt, light polyester yarn and a soft, lightly insulating inner lining is a non-porous membrane. This technology makes the trousers wind and water resistant and keeps them breathable. In addition, the two front pockets have an absorbent terrycloth lining to allow the hands to quickly dry up when put in. The left rear pocket again has a zip fastener to keep the score card safe even in rain.

ALBERTO Golf coldblack™ uses a special coating to reduce the heating up of textiles and also protects effectively from the harmful UV rays. The textiles are perceptibly cooler, as they reflect the heat as well as the rays.

ALBERTO Golf energear™, with its mineral matrix, ensures that the energy being released from the body is carried back in form of far infrared rays. This additional energy positively affects the performance and keeps the golfer fresh.

As in any outdoor sport, it is also important in golf that the player is protected from rain, wind and sun. This is why the ALBERTO golf pants have Multiprotect functions. The fabrics are breathable, wind-resistant, low-crease and resistant to ripping and shrinking. Dirt and moisture bead over on the yarns so that the pants remain dry even in wet grass.

Fabrics with nano technology are particularly resistant to dirt and water. This means that the surfaces are sealed and remain resistant to dirt and water even after multiple washes.

Golfing means movement: running, kneeling, hauling off, putting. The body is always in action. The trousers cannot be allowed to be restrictive in such a case. If it retains your shape in the process, T400 is sure to be in action, too. The T400 combines perfect shape and unrestricted movement with permanent stretch.

The original Ceramica also provides optimum wear comfort. And not just that: it is also anti-allergic, equalizes temperature and resists UV rays. A change in temperature, as is normal in a golf course on any given day, is compensated by the pants through the clay minerals incorporated in the fabric, which balances 5 degrees up and down.

For the comfort of the golfer, the comfortable fit needs to be supported by the material's qualities. The sportswear label prides its use of the high-tech material Coolmax. The yarn transports moisture from the body to the surface of the material, where the moisture evaporates, thus preventing a cold and muscular pain, which often do trouble a player when the body gets cooled due to wet clothes. The quick drying of the Coolmax fabric ensures a balanced microclimate around the skin. Tests confirm that clothes made with Coolmax – as opposed to cotton, for instance – dry outs almost completely within half an hour. The balanced microclimate doesn’t just make the player more comfortable, but also increases the performance. Since the energy need not be used for cooling the body, it can be better employed for increasing endurance.

An insulating layer of air is the secret behind the cooling pants 3XDRY Cooler by ALBERTO Golf: Textiles with the 3XDRY Cooler technology keep off water and dirt from the outside and transport the moisture quickly for evaporation from the skin to the surface using hollow yarns. This helps in accumulating heat around the skin, preventing colds after active phases, since the sweat does not stay on in the clothes. This helps support the natural physical functions and increases physical comfort.

It is also important to wear weather-proof clothing during the rains. Every golfer knows the uncomfortable feeling of rain and moisture seeping right up to the skin. Water Repellent offers the right solution with its reliable water-resistant surface. The water drops bead off from the surface and the body remains comfortable warm and dry.

With its inset-proof trousers Inzectic™, ALBERTO Golf has solved a long-term problem, which unfortunately ails almost all golfers: gnats and mosquitoes. Inzectic™ offers an effective protection against gnats and mosquitoes – right on the clothes. For this piece of innovation, ALBERTO Golf 2011 was awarded the innovation award by a leading European golfing magazine. The Golf Magazin Awards honour the best products from the golfing industry and tourism.

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