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The sportswear line for women: ALBERTO Golf-woman

When a brand is developed and launched with as much expertise and enthusiasm as Alberto Golfwoman, there is every chance of it being a resounding success. Out on the greens since Spring/Summer 2013, Alberto Golfwoman has conquered women’s hearts in a very short time. This premium sportswear label erases the dividing line between fashionable leisure wear and functional golf clothing, uniting fashion, lifestyle and of course golf in one collection. The result is versatile clothing which can be worn both in the city and on the golf course, and which attracts attention by the way in which it combines func-tionality and fashion. The current Fall/Winter collection 2013/2014 will be available in the online shop ( and more than 383 stores from July.

A little miracle: the Beauty Shape Skort

Alberto Golfwoman has developed a short skort with inner pants to help women look their best even when playing golf. The pink inner pants not only give the wearer’s thighs and rear a lovely shape, but also increase blood circulation and significantly reduce cellulite. This Holiday Piece model will be available from July for customers who not only plan to travel to warm golf destinations during the cold winter months, but also want to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather on their local green.

Golf and beauty: Alberto Golfwoman’s fashion section

With Alberto Golfwoman, the golf specialists from Mönchengladbach have designed a collection which will appeal to every sporty, casual woman. To any woman looking for a golfing outfit which she can also wear in the city. To meet these requirements, the Fall/Winter collection also includes a fash-ion section. These fashion pieces include a figure-hugging velvet model which looks marvelous with ankle boots, has zips on the narrow ankles and is available in orange, bordeaux, purple, green, grey and black, and pants featuring a trendy, classic allover print in grass look. With the new denims, appearing in the Fall/Winter collection for the first time, Alberto Golfwoman pays tribute to its fashion roots – after all, the label belongs to the fashion company Alberto, which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. Denim models Alisa and Julia also put on a great show without a play of color: in purist indigo shades and clean washes, the denims rely solely on the effect of the beautiful fabrics and cuts, which catch the eye with unusual details such as oblique rear pockets and darts on the knees. Playing golf is even more fun in these casual outfits.

Pants specially for winter: 3XDRY and Warm up

The demand for innovative golf fashion for women is booming. Particularly in fall and winter, the wrong sportswear can spoil the fun of golfing and, in the worst-case scenario, even increase the risk of injury. This is why Al-berto Golfwoman developed Warm Up functional pants for the cold part of the year. The warm, soft inside and an insulating layer of air prevent chills and shivering. The models with 3XDRY Cooler finish were also specially designed for poor weather conditions. These textiles repel water and dirt from the outside and quickly transport moisture from the inside to the out-side through the hollow fibers, allowing it to evaporate. This prevents the skin from becoming overheated and stops shivering after active phases, as the wearer’s perspiration can’t become trapped in her clothing. This sup-ports natural bodily functions and increases the player’s physical well-being. In winter, this model will be available in petroleum, green and dark red.


Alberto Golfwoman stands for innovative products. The Rain&WindFighter slots effortlessly into this series, adding a pair of wet-weather pants to the collection. The inside of these golf pants is optimally structured: between the outer layer of light, matt polyester and a soft, quickly warming lining there is a non-porous membrane. This technology means that the pants keep out wind, are waterproof and breathable. The range of brilliant, vivid colors such as pink, emerald green and purple will banish any hint of winter blues.

More and more modern, active women are discovering golf as an attractive sport which is good for the body and mind. The makers of Alberto Golfwoman aim to appeal to these independent, positive and confident women. Developing tactics and endurance improves physical fitness while enabling the player to switch off and clear her head. The new label from the Mönchengladbach-based pants mak-ers Alberto is a sophisticated, fashionably oriented sport and leisure line. This is no accident. Alberto is an absolute hotbed of ideas specializing in thinking, feeling and looking forward. With Alberto Golfwoman, the company has yet again come up with an ambitious collection and realized it cleverly, and will be using all its expertise to launch it.

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