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Alberto launches ALBERTO Golfwoman, a sports line just for women

A sporty look with exciting colors and enviable wearer comfort: that’s ALBERTO Golfwoman. The new casual line from Alberto, the specialist in perfect fits and trendy designs, features fashion for the golf course and the city. In January the waiting will be over: the first ALBERTO Golfwoman collection with the looks for Spring/Summer 2013 will reach the shops. This new line complements the menswear collection ALBERTO Golf successfully launched by the Mönchengladbach-based fashion company back in 2004. This collection for active women comprises eight exciting fashion styles and 45 collection pieces including pants, tops and matching accessories. Trendy shades bring color to the golf course: basic and sorbet hues, vivid colors and neon shades make a clear fashion statement. ALBERTO Golfwoman closes a gap in the women’s outer clothing and sports market. The demand for innovative golf fashion for women is booming. And with it the need for individual leisure looks and up-to-date performance wear.

ALBERTO Golfwoman

An increasing number of modern, active women are discovering golf as an attractive sport which is good for the body and mind. The makers of ALBERTO Golfwoman aim to appeal to these independent, positive and confident women. Developing tactics and endurance improves physical fitness while enabling the player to switch off and clear her head. The new label from the Mönchengladbach-based pants makers Alberto is a sophisticated, fashionably oriented sports and leisure line. This is no accident. Alberto is an absolute hotbed of ideas specializing in thinking, feeling and looking forward. With ALBERTO Golfwoman, the company has yet again come up with an ambitious collection and realized it cleverly, and will be using all its expertise to launch it.

Design for on and off the green

ALBERTO Golfwoman also leads the field in design. The sportswear line consists of eight fashion styles and 45 collection pieces with pants, tops and matching belts. The essentials of ALBERTO Golfwoman: fashionable designs, exciting trendy colors, indispensable basic colors and modern cuts which also provide maximum wearer comfort. This is what these perfectly fitting garments guarantee. They allow for optimum freedom of movement while creating a perfect figure. The pants are available in two fits – Modern Fit and Slim Fit. The main characteristics: Modern Fit features a modern rise and straight-cut legs. Slim Fit stands for an average rise and narrow ankle width. Both fits allow for optimum adjustment to every feminine shape and are made with 34 inch legs. All models feature enviably high wearer comfort – this is in any case one of the company’s key competences. Not least because of the intelligent fibers: Ceramica and 3x3 Cooler are ideal for ALBERTO Golfwoman. They guarantee a pleasant feeling against the skin even after lengthy performance. The look is thoroughly modern, thanks for example to attractive pocket solutions (6-pocket style, French pockets), visually highlighted seams or stitched details. Shorter tees are literally possible with shorts, Bermudas and Capri pants. The polo shirts are naturally a perfect match. Exciting color combinations turn heads on the green even before the first tee. Sorbet hues, vivid colors and bold, trendy neon shades set visual highlights. The collection is rounded off by indispensable basic colors.

The woman behind the label: Anna Walendy

The new line was developed under the direction of Anna Walendy, daughter of company owner Georg Walendy. “The trend for casual sportswear has experienced a boom in recent years. With ALBERTO Golfwoman we have designed a collection which will appeal to every sporty, casual woman. Women looking for golfing outfits which can also be worn in the city,” says Anna Walendy, who joined the company in 2008. “The market’s positive response to the menswear line ALBERTO Golf inspired us to launch a women’s collection. Our current test run with ALBERTO Golfwoman proves how big the demand for sporty yet high-quality, stylish outfits actually is.” ALBERTO Golfwoman is her first own line – and reflects the company’s philosophy exactly. Products with character, well-conceived services for end-users and sophisticated service concepts for retailers. With the ALBERTO Golf collection and pants as its core competence, the family company has gained an outstanding reputation as a competent pants specialist.


Tees with ALBERTO Golfwoman will be possible from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection (delivery between January and April 2013, sales via AL-BERTO Golf agencies). This is when Golfwoman will hit the shops. Nationally and internationally. Along with Germany, the target markets envisaged for Golfwoman include Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Canada. In fashionably oriented sports departments and women’s fashion departments. The official launch of the collection will also feature the opening of a separate online shop at The demand for fashionable yet functional golf wear for women is high. It is estimated that around 200,000 women play golf in Germany alone – and prefer to be fashionably dressed. This was proven by a test run at Engelhorn Sports in Mannheim. ALBERTO Golfwoman has been successfully put to the test there since February 2012.

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