Spring/Summer collection 2013

Perfect companion in all weathers: the latest golf pants “Two in One” from ALBERTO Golf

People should feel comfortable in their sports clothing. For the sportswear label ALBERTO Golf, it is therefore essential that all pants, shirts and knitted garments sit perfectly, are made of soft fabrics, have helpful functions and guarantee optimum comfort thanks to innovative textile technologies. And all this without compromising on style. After all, this brand comes from the fashion company Alberto, which can now look back on 90 years of fashion experience. The label shows off its expertise with highly functional fabrics in the 2013 Spring/Summer collection, for example with the launch of its “Two in One” pants. These models reflect harmful UV radiation, thus preventing the fabric from heating up in the sun; the water-repellant nano coating also stops this clothing from becoming soaked through. This combination of sun and rain protection in one garment is essential not only in European climes but also on trips to popular golf destinations such as South Africa, Mauritius and the USA.

Perfectly equipped for all weathers: ALBERTO Golf “Two in One” pants

Golfers have to cope with all kinds of weather conditions. The weather can be changeable in spring and even in the summer months. Ideally, the golfer’s clothing should protect him from sun and rain, so that he is reliably equipped for all weathers even on unsettled days. The latest pants from ALBERTO Golf, the “Two in One” pants, protect the wearer from becoming overheated by the sun and from exposure to harmful UV radiation; their nano coating also guarantees that rain will not stop play. Even unexpected downpours on the golf course or sodden ground sending up spray are no problem for these functional garments. The self-cleaning effect ensures that water and dirt simply pearl off. The ingenious combination of water repellence and high breathability ensures the wearer will always feel perfectly comfortable. Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, the “Two in One” pants are very insensitive, stay pleasantly dry and only have to be washed at low temperatures.

Stay cool in high temperatures: ALBERTO Golf “Cold Pants”

Thousands of enthusiastic golfers head for the greens as soon as the sun comes out. Protecting themselves effectively from heat, sun and UV rays is often a real challenge. Many textiles worn in summer or exposed to strong sunlight only offer poor protection against harmful UV radiation. ALBERTO Golf’s “Cold Pants” allow the wearer to enjoy the sun in peace. These pants have a dual function: the special coating on ALBERTO Golf “Cold Pants” minimizes the amount of heat absorbed by the textiles and also provides effective protection from harmful UV radiation. This means the textiles can make a valuable contribution to protecting the wearer from UV rays. The textiles stay perceptibly cooler as they reflect both heat and radiation. This results in significantly improved heat management. This means the body needs far less energy to keep cool, thus improving its performance. The “Cold Pants” can of course be laundered in the washing machine and dry quickly, so that they’re soon ready for the next round on the green. The “Cold Pants” are available in white, beige, black and blue.

Rain&WindFighter for summer

The first Rain&WindFighter from ALBERTO Golf was introduced in the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection. These pants are now also available for the Spring/Summer season, this time with a lighter Sympatex lining. This Rain&WindFighter also lives up to expectations: lined with a high-tech membrane, these pants keep out both rain and wind. Two sophisticated features ensure optimum comfort in even the worst weather. Firstly, the front pockets are lined with flannel for drying the hands. Secondly, the seat pocket can be closed with a zip so that the scorecards don’t get wet.

The look

This season, the ALBERTO Golf collection features more colors and bright check patterns than ever before. For Spring and Summer, this means that fresh colors such as purple, red, royal blue and green meet bleached pale blue, beige, mint, green and yellow. Just right for golfers, there is a wide range of checks, mostly in powerful color combinations. However, small patterns such as mini-houndstooth or pinstripes and back, white, beige and navy solid-colored pants are also included in the 97-piece collection.

The ALBERTO Golf label

In 2004, a plane took off in the direction of the USA - and with it the success story of ALBERTO's golf collection. On board: managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage: lots of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. Walendy and Lanowy were awaited in the States by golf pro Alex Cejka, who at that time was drawing attention by wearing ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants. He was so enthusiastic about the models in the men's collection that he entered into a promising partnership with the men's fashion label and ALBERTO took on the challenge of revitalizing the sportswear market. ALBERTO's years of fashion competence and above all its development and use of innovative materials gave rise to a special golf wear line which attracts customers with striking designs, perfect cuts and brand-new functions. Since then, the label has gone from strength to strength - golfers are familiar with these functional, expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

Background information about ALBERTO Golf: 11 functions for golfers

Alberto Golf is famous for its innovative products. The Rain&WindFighter slots effortlessly into this series, adding a pair of wet-weather pants to the collection. The inside of these golf pants is optimally structured: between the outer layer of light, matt polyester and a soft, quickly warming lining there is a non-porous membrane. This technology means that the pants keep wind out and are waterproof and breathable. The two front pockets are also lined with highly absorbent flannel so that the wearer can dry his hands quickly. The left seat pocket has a zip, so that his scorecard can be kept dry even in pouring rain.

The special coating on ALBERTO Golf coldblack™ minimizes the amount of heat absorbed by the textiles and also protects the wearer effectively from harmful UV radiation. The textiles stay perceptibly cooler as they reflect both heat and radiation.

With its mineral mix, ALBERTO Golf energear™ ensures that energy radiated from the body in the form of infrared radiation flows back into the garment. This technology makes use of the natural capacity of certain minerals to reflect long-wave radiation, a property which has been known for centuries. This additional energy has a positive effect on the wearer’s performance and well-being.

Like all outdoor sports, golfers need outfits which protect them from environmental influences such as rain, wind or sun. This is why certain ALBERTO Golf pants have multi-protect functions. These make the fabrics breathable and resistant to wind, creasing, tearing and abrasion. Dirt and moisture pearl off the fibers so that the pants stay pleasantly dry even when walking through wet grass.

Fabrics with a nano finish are particularly dirt and water-repellant. This means that the surfaces are sealed and retain their resistance to dirt and water even after repeated washing.

Golf means movement: walking, kneeling, lunging, putting. The body is constantly in action. This means the pants should not be restrictive. If they keep their shape as well, the pants are doubtless made with T400. T400 combines perfect fit and unrestricted movement thanks to permanent stretch.

Optimum wearer comfort is also a feature of Ceramica. However, that isn’t all: it’s also hypoallergenic, regulates the body temperature and repels UV rays. These pants compensate temperature changes to be expected during a day on the golf course by means of integrated clay minerals, enabling them to balance out temperatures by 5 degrees in each direction.

Along with a comfortable fit, the material used is especially important for the golfer’s well-being. For this, the sportswear label relies on the high-tech material Coolmax. These fibers transport moisture away from the body to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. This is particularly important for avoiding muscle pain or catching cold, as can often happen when damp clothing causes the body’s temperature to drop. The fast-drying properties of Coolmax guarantee a balanced microclimate for the skin. Tests confirm that clothing made of Coolmax – unlike cotton, for example – dries almost completely within just half an hour. However, the balanced microclimate increases the player’s performance as well as his well-being. As he doesn’t have to expend energy on keeping his body cool, this energy can be used to increase his stamina.

The secret of the 3XDRY Cooler cooling pants from ALBERTO Golf is an insulating layer of air. Textiles made with 3XDRY Cooler technology repel water and dirt from the outside and quickly transport moisture from the inside to the outside through the hollow fibers, allowing it to evaporate. This prevents the skin from becoming overheated and prevent shivering after active phases, as the wearer’s perspiration can’t become trapped in his clothing. This supports natural bodily functions and increases the player’s physical well-being.

Wearing weatherproof clothing is particularly important on rainy days. Every golfer knows how unpleasant it is when rain or moisture penetrate through to the skin. Water Repellent with its reliable, water-repellant surface is a real solution. The water pearls off the surface and the player’s body stays pleasantly warm and dry.

ALBERTO Golf’s insect-repellant Inzectic™ pants tackle an aggravating problem which unfortunately affects almost all golfers: ticks and mosquitoes. Inzectic™ pants efficiently repel ticks and mosquitoes directly from the fabric. In 2011, this new idea won ALBERTO Golf the innovation prize awarded by one of Europe’s leading golfing publications, Golf Magazin. The Golf Magazin Awards pay tribute to the best products in the golfing and golf tourism industries.

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