Alberto Golf at Golf Europe in Augsburg

Outstanding women`s debut and functional fashion at Golf Europe

ALBERTO will be presenting its innovative golf fashion at the next Golf Europe exhibition (September 16 to 18, 2012, Augsburg exhibition center). ALBERTO’s stand will be a real visitor magnet at the golf industry's leading trade fair. What's more, the label has a big surprise up its sleeve: along with Alberto Golf for men, the outfitters will be presenting its first ever fashion line for women - Alberto Golfwoman. That means the collection can now guarantee fashion and function for sporty, fashion-conscious women golfers. It will be possible to order Alberto Golfwoman and Alberto Golf at the trade fair. A successful test run of the women's collection at Engelhorn Sports, Mannheim, in recent months means that ALBERTO is anticipating a storm of visitors to its stand and interesting revenues in the shops.

This year's Golf Europe will be drawing visitors with a major attraction: ALBERTO has already confirmed that it will be an exhibitor at Germany's leading golf trade fair. The label featuring striking, innovative golf fashion will draw all eyes with a completely new line. Along with Alberto Golf, ALBERTO will be presenting its special line for sporty, fashion-conscious women golfers: Alberto Golfwoman stands for creative designs, exciting colors and high wearer comfort. This core competence has long since taken the outfitters from Mönchengladbach to the top of the golf scene. The sophisticated cuts and innovative materials keep the legs free while making a fashion statement. Both on the green and off. Functionality and flamboyance enjoy equal standing at ALBERTO. By the way: women will be emancipated on the green in the Spring/Summer 2013 collection (to be delivered from January 2013). Both Alberto Golfwoman and Alberto Golf can be ordered at the exhibition.

The debut of Alberto Golfwomen is likely to be a tremendous draw at the trade fair. A test run currently under way at Engelhorn Sports in Mannheim is already proving to be extremely successful. This will make ambitious dealers sit up and take notice. This year, Golf Europe will be held in Augsburg for the first time; it will take place from September 16 - 18, 2012. The partner is no less than the Professional Golfers Association of Germany (PGA). Besides golf fashion, new trends and innovations in the areas of equipment, accessories and travel will be on display. Major producers, brands and event organizers will be represented.

Background information about ALBERTO Golf: 10 functions for golfers

Besides ALBERTO Golf energear and ALBERTO Golf coldblack , eight other functions ensure that golfers can feel absolutely comfortable. As with all other outdoor sports, it's important that the golfer's outfit protects him from external influences such as rain, wind and sun. This is why selected ALBERTO Golf pants are furnished with multi-protect functions. They make the fabrics breathable, wind-resistant, crease-free, tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Dirt and moisture slide off the fibers so that the pants stay comfortably dry even when walking through wet grass. Fabrics with nano-finishing are particularly dirt and water-resistant. This means that the surfaces are sealed and consequently keep their resistance to dirt and water even after repeated washing. Golf means movement: walking, kneeling, lunging, putting. Your body is constantly in action and your pants should not be constrictive. If the pants also keeps their shape, T400 is sure to be present as well. T400 unites perfect fit and unrestricted movement thanks to constant stretching.

The ALBERTO Golf label

In 2004, a plane took off in the direction of the USA - and with it the success story of ALBERTO's golf collection. On board: managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage: lots of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. Walendy and Lanowy were awaited in the States by golf pro Alex Cejka, who at that time was drawing attention by wearing ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants. He was so enthusiastic about the models in the men's collection that he entered into a promising partnership with the men's fashion label and ALBERTO took on the challenge of revitalizing the sportswear market. ALBERTO's years of fashion competence and above all its development and use of innovative materials gave rise to a special golfwear line which attracts customers with striking designs, perfect cuts and brand-new functions. Since then, the label has gone from strength to strength - golfers are familiar with these functional, expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

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