Collection Report
SS 2013

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection will be offering men a lot of variety. At least in fashion terms. ALBERTO, the men’s pants manufacturer from Germany, is launching no less than three style worlds: smart dressies, 5-pockets and jeans. The smart dressy pants all focus on going out and smart business looks; fabric connoisseurs can flaunt their confident style and knowledge of fabric in these clean, modern slacks. The 5-pocket styles offer everything you need for a relaxed fashion summer with narrow cotton pants in various colors and patterns. The jeans are cool, hinting at a certain dandy look. These three worlds all have one thing in common: a sensitive choice of fabrics and perfect craftsmanship give the collection its character.

In good hands: ALBERTO shows off its expertise in fabric and denim

Smart dressy style world
Slim, smart, figure-hugging and made of cloth. That’s what smart dressy pants should look like. Now in its second season, this fashion and business line featuring high-quality pants made of the best fabrics has become an established part of the collection and is unmistakably modern: clean and minimalist rather than washed and vintage. The defined silhouette and purist appearance of the pants make details and fabric quality even more important. Here ALBERTO relies on the outstanding skills of Italian weavers. Not without reason, as Italy’s fabric manufacturers not only enjoy the reputation of being the most experienced, but also of being some of the world’s best. Fabrics are largely ordered from Italy for this reason alone. Cotton and cotton-linen mixes feature among the smart dressy pants. Pepitas, mini pepitas, narrow stripes and classic patterns such as checks and glen checks are just as much a part of the collection’s image as white, bleached slacks. Pocket solutions and belt loops are deliberately understated. For aesthetes, it’s worth taking a look inside the pants, because the manufacturers in Mönchengladbach set great store by stylish inside finishing. Precisely worked inside waistbands and carefully selected pocket linings display the perfect craftsmanship which the men’s pants tailors aspire to. One innovation by ALBERTO shows that the company also has an eye for the smallest details: the color concept for the inside finishing will in future match the respective pants shape. Fibers and labels are recorded in the colors of the respective fit.

5-pocket style
ALBERTO’s 5-pocket style world shows brilliant variety in the Spring/Summer 2013 season, including features borrowed from the 1950s, when James Dean and Marlon Brando became style icons for a whole generation. The collection is headed by slim 5-pocket pants and sporty slacks in faded greens, yellows and oranges. What these narrow pants have in common is their light, summery fabric: cotton, linen or a mixture of both. The look can be a bit preppy but still tough. Deep-set, slanting back pockets and a body-hugging cut give the maritime blue and white striped linen hose their cool appearance. Bermudas embody the perfect summer even more than light summer pants. However, opinions are often divided about these short pants. Quite wrongly, because well-cut Bermudas of the right length can be part of a fashionable summer look if correctly combined. Scandinavian-inspired 5-pocket Bermudas in colors such as white or watery turquoise are rolled up slightly and combined with a jacket – giving the look a Nordic note. In design terms, prints and patterns are the up-and-coming themes for this season. They give the color trend a whole new twist by featuring patterns as well as colors. Yes, the all-over flower print with parrots and tropical flowers on a turquoise background can only be worn by a real man. Which is a good thing, because next summer he’ll be wearing prints.

Jeans style world
The jeans style world is dominated by a summery feeling and pleasantly soft fabrics. Elegant and relaxed rather than robust and heavy. Brighter and lighter, the jeans trend is leaning towards linen. No obtrusive washes or finishes break in on the pleasantly purist image. The makers of ALBERTO set particular store by small details. With its clean lines, the jeans range diverts attention to details such as engraved leather buttons and woven red selvedge fabrics. The fact that the designers have spent a lot of time thinking about the various possibilities offered by the blue fabric is shown for example by a red selvedge from Italy which is woven on the wrong side inside of on the right, making it particularly pleasant to the touch. The collection highlights not only dark light denims and raws, but also a white denim. The jeans can be worn with or without suspenders, which are supplied as a classic men’s accessory and can be fastened to the engraved leather buttons. Cut narrow with a slim silhouette, these jeans are ideal not only for business but also for going out. These looks are made for men who don’t separate work and leisure. They want to look masculine, casual and good for both. This is where the clean, narrow cleans in dark blue and white come into their own. As sometimes the best thing is to concentrate on what’s important.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants production since 1922. Pants for men. Ever since the beginning, the company has been showing what it takes to design high-quality, contemporary fashion. The experience of several generations of professional workmanship combined with technological innovation and a sure instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and special attention paid to every detail. In short: a creative process which reflects the superior nature of these pants right from the beginning. No more – and certainly no less.

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