Don’t let bad weather keep you trapped indoors!

Rain&WindFighter from Alberto Golf defies the bad weather

The Lower Rhein specialists in golf clothing are introducing a new pants model to the market this Fall/Winter 2012/2013 season: the Rain&WindFighter. The name of the new pants from Alberto Golf says it all: the pants are lined with a high-tech membrane making them completely wind-resistant and waterproof as well as optimally breathable. Two additional well-designed features guarantee perfect protection and comfort from inclement weather. Firstly, the front pockets are lined with terrycloth to keep your hands dry. Secondly, the back pockets can be zippered shut to keep your scorecard protected from getting wet. Gone are the days of freezing in damp clothes and longing for the end of the game.

Alberto Golf is known for its innovative products. The Rain&WindFighter model fits seamlessly into this lineup and expands the collection of wind and weather pants. The inside of these pants is just as perfectly designed: between an outer fabric of matt, light polyetherester material and a soft, light warming inner lining is a pore-free membrane. Thanks to this technology, these pants are wind-resistant, waterproof and breathable. In addition, both front pockets are lined with terry cloth so that you can quickly dry your hands. The left back pocket is fit with a zipper closure to keep your scorecard dry even in the wettest weather.

100% windproof

The Rain&WindFighter from Alberto Golf is absolutely windproof. This characteristic is essential to prevent sensitivity to the wind chill effect, or feeling like the temperature is colder in strong winds. Athletes who are exposed to an outdoor temperature of +5 °C with wind speeds at 25 km/h feel an approximate temperature of -6 °C. The higher the wind speed, the lower the temperature seems to be and the colder one becomes. To prevent this, the Rain&WindFighter model is fit with a 100% windproof membrane.

100% waterproof

The pore-free polyetherester structure of the membrane also ensures another important element in the Rain&WindFighter: waterproofing. It can even withstand the pressure of a water column of up to 25 meters. Steady rains will no longer present a problem with these pants. And this useful function is not effected by machine washings.

Perfect breathability

If you play active sports, you will also sweat. And that’s a good thing: ultimately, sweating is your body’s way of regulating your temperature. The moisture coats your skin and immediately cools you down. But this perfect system can be jeopardized by the wrong clothing. If you aren’t wearing breathable clothing, the moisture builds up. Not only does this increase the danger of rapid overheating during periods of activity, but the excess moisture coating the skin can cause too much of a decrease in body temperature in the event of cold weather. The Rain&WindFighter model ensures perfect breathability with its well-designed membrane technology by absorbing the moisture off of the skin with the membrane and releasing it outwards. The clothing won’t feel damp or wet, but will remain constantly and comfortably dry. This optimal comfort climate will ensure your optimal personal performance.

Environmentally guaranteed

The Sympatex membrane of the Rain&WindFighter is absolutely skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly. It consists of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen and therefore can be completely produced ecologically. Sympatex is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees healthy and safe textile products, along with the bluesign® certificate, which ensures the highest possible avoidance of harmful substances and a safe, sustainable production.

Facts on Model Rain&WindFighter

The new pants model PRO Rain&WindFighter from Alberto Golf will become available starting Fall/Winter 2012/13, initially in the colors Black and Mud. The retail price should be 149.95 EUR.

The label ALBERTO Golf

In 2004, a flight took off towards the USA - and with it, the success story of the ALBERTO Golf Collection. On board: both managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their bags: all sorts of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. Golf Pro Alex Cejka was awaiting Walendy and Lanowy in the states; at this time Cejka didn’t wear golf pants on the green, but ALBERTO pants, to stimulate interest. The designs in the mens collection were so exciting that a very promising collaboration was formed with the men’s fashion label and ALBERTO took on the challenge of reviving the sportswear market. With more than their long years of experience, they created a very special line of golf wear through development and use of innovative materials that impress with their unusual designs, perfect cuts and entirely new functionality. Since then the label has established itself as the best - golfers recognize the functional and expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.

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