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Having been involved in the trouser making business since 1922, Alberto has long been one of the established brands within the industry. In their new autumn/winter collection the gentlemen's trouser makers from Germany are demonstrating the reason for this with their passion for fabrics and materials: perfectly finished tweed, flannel and wool trousers à la 1950s, slim-fit trousers made from Italian cord, and a select range of denims, all exhibiting the finest craftsmanship. These 3 design concepts form Alberto's launching pad for the winter: the smart-dressy look, the chino look and the denim style define the ranges within the collection. What all three concepts have in common is that the trousers do not dictate any one style, since almost all parts of the collection can be worn casually or as sophisticated fashion items.

The cornerstones of the Alberto winter collection: clean, chic, and really smart

Smart dressy styling.

In the case of the smart dressy items, the trouser makers from Mönchengladbach have found their inspiration in the 50s: markedly slim fitting wool, tweed and flannel trousers in smoky winter greys and tobacco shades, together with minimal designs such as glencheck or herringbone and motifs like salt and pepper, are typical of the range. This restrained use of colour lets multiple qualities shine through: fulling gives washed wool and cotton an attractive low-key look and shows the underlying fabric structures. The newly developed ceramics, a ceramic flannel and a ceramic tweed, also fit the bill: both fabrics are full-textured, a quality reminiscent of the feel of cashmere. The new Chuck slim-fit outline draws more attention to the textural fullness. The focus is on hand-crafted details like elegant waistband linings with hand-embroidered edging. The workmanship and the fabrics, most of which are supplied by Italian weavers, define the essential appeal of the new generation of trousers: modern and masculine, whilst being very smart.

Chino styling.

The chino style has established itself as an additional theme of the collection: it's a perfect fit for today's lifestyle. It's made for men who lead a modern, varied life and who therefore aren't restricted to just one look. Depending on how the trousers are combined, the result can be either smart and sophisticated or casual. This also applies elsewhere than with the classic chinos, including with pleated cords as well as cotton trousers, but also with washed woollen trousers. These trousers all have one thing in common: the predominant qualities imparted by washing are softness to the touch and fullness. This styling concept has no place for flat fabrics with little texture. Instead, it features slim-fit pre-washed neeedlecords and double-dyed garments made from robust fabrics with light scraping features. Among the self coloured items it is winter reds, smoky greys, ash-greens and dark blues which predominate.

Denim styling.

Denims complete the trio. But here the motto is: less is more. Clean-lined barely processed jeans are found alongside denims with inconspicuous fabric treatments and washes which are a world apart from brash finishes. Even if the casual theme is still important, the predominant style this winter is a truly clean appearance. This is provided by the clean-lined look with lightly worn edging and restrained stitchings on the coloured denims, which are mostly displayed as slim-fit slacks. Selected details such as night-blue buttons with either matt or gloss finishes, or flat-iron pocket stitchings on the back pockets accord with this image, the hallmarks of which are tonality and restraint. In some cases the jeans also have a full-textured look that makes even the denims reminiscent of chino styles. The passion for materials and fabrics at Alberto is very clearly demonstrated in the wool-look denim. The denims come in winter dark and winter blue colours.

The ALBERTO label is steeped in tradition. The brand has specialised in the manufacture of trousers since 1922. Trousers for men. From the outset the company has shown what it takes to create high-quality contemporary fashion: experience stretching back over generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and a marked flair for trends. A select choice of materials and special attention to every detail. In short: a creative process which reflects the confident character of the trousers from the very start. Nothing more – but not a fraction less either.

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