Collection Report Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Real men don’t just play golf to pass the time, they storm the green with a will to win. That means they expect the best from themselves, the course, their equipment – and of course their golf clothing. With ALBERTO Golf, perfectionists can wear exactly what they need – reliable practicality in its most attractive form. ALBERTO Golf clothing is in keeping with the character of the sport: the interaction of nature and technology is realized in fabric with the motto “Form follows function”. This first-class combination of trendy styles, perfect fit and useful details creates pants for pros.

The shapes

The shapes in ALBERTO Golf’s Fall/Winter collection combine optimum fit with hip design. Dynamic Waist is the perfect solution for unrestricted freedom of movement – the elasticized waistband allows the player full swing for the perfect shot. The current collection also goes one better with the innovative “Pitch” model. With narrow bottoms and low waists, these up-to-date new five-pocket slacks will set a new fashion on the green. With these, ALBERTO has once again succeeded in interpreting trendy city fashion in the form of golf pants.

The functions

ALBERTO Golf Pants are known for the special functional details which add that certain something. Particularly in cold, wet weather, golfers appreciate the advantages of these specially designed pants: the high-tech material Thermolite, for example, guarantees perfect insulation and a pleasant feeling of warmth. Lightweight fabric and easy washing make these pants a perfect accessory even off season.

Original Ceramica also has numerous properties which prevent bad weather from keeping golfers off the green. The integrated clay minerals can bring about temperature adjustments of up to 5 degrees in both warm and cold weather. Ceramica also protects the wearer from UV radiation, which can be harmful even if the sun isn’t beating down. The fabric is hypoallergenic and particularly easy to care for as it is washable, can be tumble-dried, does not crease and is easy to iron. Fast-drying and ultra-soft to the touch, these pants set new standards.

Multiprotect, Nano Stretch and 3xDry Cooler also give golfers the comfortable feeling of being able to concentrate solely on their game. Breathable, dirt, oil and water-resistant and able to transport moisture away from the skin quickly, these ALBERTO Golf Pants prove that fashion does not have to sacrifice functionality.

Form follows function – a motto for golf pants oriented on the special needs of dedicated golfers. Details make a difference: tee holders or tee pockets on the side-pockets and additional pen pockets behind keep the necessary utensils at hand all the time. The silicon coatings in the seat pockets and waistband prevents the gloves and shirt from slipping out. Everything stays in place – keeping things easy for the perfect handicap.

The look

Whether solid colors or checks – the ALBERTO Golf Pants in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection are largely natural and muted in color, in keeping with the cold season. The earthy checks are mainly in matching shades, which means they can be worn in the street as well as on the course. The solid colors also revolve around autumnal beige and brown, wintry gray and black. However, no ALBERTO Golf collection is short on striking designs. Big punk checks in black and red give a splash of color, and purple, vivid red and powerful blue break through the array of natural seasonal colors – for a flamboyant look.