Collection Report Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Men love trendy denims or cloth pants. Pants which fit perfectly right away. Which don’t have to be altered to get the cut right. Which are easy to wear and suitable for every occasion, from the day spent at the desk to the party afterwards. Pants which can easily be washed in the washing machine and which dry quickly afterwards. Which are casual as well as practical. And which always make them look good.

Cotton: traditional fabric in fashionable style

A fixture in the ALBERTO range: cotton pants. Whether classically cut or up to the minute as in slacks and 5-pocket styles. From sophisticated to jeans-style, they are worn by men who like to emphasize their well-groomed appearance with fashionable understatement. Retro cotton represents fashion based on established designs: printed stripes, herringbone patterns or colorful weaves radiate English charm. The fit adjustment at the sides is perfectly coordinated.

Along with simple practicality and clean styles, accents are set by dark weft yarns, scraping or creases against perfectly smooth fabric. Other arguments in favor of cotton pants from ALBERTO are even more convincing: fine compact yarns made of Pima fibers coated in cotton create an irresistible fabric – Pima cotton is the cotton of the future. Treatment with a reactive dye is a sign of aplomb – real color for as long as the pants last. Happy Black is deep black which stays black.

Men are rediscovering corduroy with fresh enthusiasm. Printed cotton in cord look is now becoming a highlight for fans of this striped material. This light fabric is idea for business and travel – no shiny spots, no bagging and an immaculate appearance at all times. The modern interpretation of cord for modern men.

Dressy Chic: classic styles and retro looks

Men can follow traditional models fashionably with fil à fil, glen checks and dogtooth patterns. Whether double pockets, waist fittings and the rear pocket closed with a button – these stylish elements underline the retro character of these pants and give men the comfortable feeling of being able to combine tradition and fashion. Dressy pants are also available as slacks and in 5-pocket style for men who are particular about the cut. Retro means combining classic looks with new developments: dogtooth and striped styles are made in Ceramica and give the feeling of ultra-modern textile technology. In order to be able to meet customer requirements immediately, ALBERTO always has a selection of dressy pants in store with five NOS articles.

High-tech materials: for perfect wearer comfort

Always on the lookout for something special, ALBERTO’s original Ceramica is continually being taken one step further. Along with its temperature compensation qualities, the surface emerized on the wrong side makes Super Ceramica feel fantastic against the skin. True pampering for your legs with super-soft quality, With its matt look and hypoallergenic properties, Super Ceramica is the ideal alternative to traditional wool pants. Striking on the outside, soft on the inside.
T400 is also still being used effectively as a fiber with a stabilizing effect on the fabric structure. In this way, pants are created which are just right for down-to-earth characters, staying in shape and not bagging or developing ugly creases. And as men don’t like being kept waiting, fabrics containing T400 dry much faster.

Denims: from tough to soft

Soft fabrics with stretch elements have their advantages, but real men swear by tough, robust denims – masculine distinction becomes a trend. These jeans are hard-wearing and durable; with fabric weights of 11 to 11.5 oz, ALBERTO makes denims with rugged character. Triple stitching and PU coating make these pants tough. Trendy vintage designs are also created in T400 denim; these look lived in but keep their shape thanks to the high-tech fibers.
In order to be able to wear your favorite jeans at the office, various jackets have also been created for denim fans which can easily do service as part of a business outfit. Preferably colored, for example in aubergine, these denims are presented as a variation on dress pants. Japan denims can also be worn here. Made of particularly tough fabrics weighing 12 to 13.5 oz, they contrast sharply with shirts and jackets. Clean looks without destroys show clear determination. In turn, the rich contrasts of the washes signalize the versatility of these special denims. Another highlight for courageous fashion lovers is the moonwash look, in which special effects are created by applying an irregular coating before washing. Naps are also distributed irregularly on some models. Along with robust-looking jeans, ALBERTO has also expanded its Soft Wear Denim line. The processing of T400 is an innovation, perfectly rounding off the small range of these ultra-soft denims.

Colors: simply dark or strikingly colorful

Appropriate to the season in which nighttime dominates daytime, ALBERTO pants are kept dark in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 but are by no means lacking in color. In the cotton pants range, men battling the monotony of gray will also find aubergine, petrol and different shades of green. The cotton slacks are a surprise with their light sandy colors. There is of course no shortage of classic gray and back in the color range for men who prefer understated fashion or who want to grab attention with brilliant combinations. The dressy pants are dominated by deep brown and earth shades for an aura of warmth, and elegant Super Ceramica pants are also available in black and anthracite for laid-back characters. Along with the various blue washes, jeans also carry conviction in cognac, gray, brown and even aubergine, making them wearable in every mood and with every style.

Belts: fashionable around the waist

Tough real leather, straightforward clasps and strikingly embossed – belts from ALBERTO emphasize the brand’s stylish character. Color-matched with the pants and underlining the outstanding character of fashionable men, ALBERTO belts set highlights around the hips. Extravagant, durable and available in unusual widths, these belts accentuate the masculine waist as a real eye-catcher for every outfit.

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