Spring/Summer 2010 collection report

An airplane took off for the USA in 2004, and with it began the success story of the ALBERTO golf collection. On board were both managing directors - Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage was a wide range of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. Waiting in the States for Walendy and Lanowy was golf pro Alex Cejka, who had been attracting interest at the time for wearing ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants.

Having been so enthused by what he saw in the men’s collection, a promising cooperation materialised with the men’s fashion label and ALBERTO accepted the challenge of invigorating the sportswear market. Thanks to the company’s many years of fashion competence and through its development and use of innovative materials in particular, a very special kind of golf wear with edgy designs, perfect cuts and entirely new functions was the outcome. The label is now very well established – golfers recognise the functional and expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach. It goes without saying that the Spring/Summer 2010 collection continues this trend.

The Models

ALBERTO is at the cutting edge with its models in terms of fit and design. “Rookie”, the new golf chino with a slimmer fit and low waist, takes the fashion trend to the sports arena. “Chip”, the golf slack from ALBERTO which sets its own course with contrast cording on the hip pocket and leg seam, is also new. This model can even be worn as bermudas for greater freedom during high temperatures.

The Functions

Functional golf wear is apparent in the small details - when you no longer have to stop and think where your score card, glasses or glove should go. Therefore, ALBERTO pants are equipped with many extra pockets designed specifically to ably hold all of the bits and pieces a golfer needs. For example, there is a special holder on the side of the trousers for your tee so you just have to reach for it to continue your game. A golfer wearing ALBERTO always looks his best, even when moving, with a silicone anti-slip band in the waistband and hip pocket preventing your shirt or gloves coming loose.

This is a scenario we all recognise - it may be quite cool on the golf course in the morning, but the sun starts splitting the rocks a little later, causing temperatures to soar. The designers at ALBERTO set themselves the task of developing a pants which could compensate for changes in temperature. Thanks to the clay minerals which have been incorporated, the original Ceramica can adjust for 5 degrees in either direction and provides protection from damaging UV rays. It is also anti-allergic. This is particularly important for sports clothing, as many skin types can have a quick allergic reaction to the friction which arises from movement.

Materials which help you keep a cool head while promoting a feeling of physical wellness are especially important for the hot days in the season. C100 Stretch with cool cotton has a pleasant cooling effect. As it takes moisture away from your skin quickly, this breathable and quick-drying material is ideal for warm days on the green. The fibres also reduce the propensity for soiling and allow water to roll off so that the C100 pant can be worn all day long, no matter how the weather changes. An insulating layer of air is the secret to another cooling pants from ALBERTO. Thanks to the hollow fibres, the innovative Cooler material can quickly remove moisture, preventing heat build-up on the skin.

But the sun doesn't always shine on the golf course. And as a true blue golfer isn’t put off by adverse weather conditions, the Multiprotect models are protected with a coating which repels water and stains. So morning dew and sand traps are no longer a stumbling block. Even the most intense sun rays won’t affect the perfect putt, as Multiprotect is colour-fast and UV-resistant.

Kneeling down, making a drive, putting - freedom of movement is the be-all and end-all of golfing. And your pants shouldn’t restrict this. T 400 uses permanent stretch to combine the perfect fit with unrestricted freedom of movement. The material is absolutely washable and won't shrink, wrinkle or go baggy. After all, at ALBERTO we know that sports clothing should be easy to care for.

The Shirts

Functional clothing can support your body’s performance. Therefore, ALBERTO has opted for heat-regulating high-tech Coolmax material. The fibres quickly transport moisture away from the skin to the surface of the material, where it evaporates. Coolmax also dries significantly quicker than other materials such as nylon, cotton and polyester and releases over 80% of moisture after just 60 minutes. In this way, Coolmax helps to keep you cool, dry and feeling good, without your body having to expend energy on heat regulation.

Discerning golfers can be assured of wearing a valuable material in every respect close to their skin with the Pima Cotton line. As an organic shirt, it promises pleasant wearing comfort and optimal material quality. The recognised KbA quality seal guarantees that the cotton has originated from controlled biological cultivation. Harmful materials such as ammonia and chlorine compounds are not used in pretreatment and neither are optical brighteners. The oxygen-based bleaching is both skin and environmentally-friendly. Harmful materials are also taboo in subsequent processing steps, with questionable dying procedures being entirely foregone.

The Look

ALBERTO golf pants are known for their extravagant designs. Conspicuous on the green but equally wearable and fashionable in the city. Houndstooth, check and mini-check are this season’s must-haves. From subtly discreet to strikingly coloured, with colourful check and distinctive stripes. Depending on how the mood takes them, golfers can wear beige, camel or marine or make sure all eyes are on them with expressive red, orange, turquoise or grass-green. Lavender, pistachio and royal blue are particular highlights. The shirts, expressive and colourful with golf ball prints or geometric colour impressions, are not left in the shade by the pants.

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