Collection Report Spring/Summer 2010

Men don’t want to compromise between styling, quality and wearer comfort. They want it all, and they can have it too. At ALBERTO. The focal points of the new Spring/Summer 2010 collection are a completely new range of high-fashion denims, Japan denims and the further development of the T400 models. Careful manufacturing procedures, the use of exclusive quality materials and creative styling ideas are what distinguish pants worn for more than one season. The result is trendy pants which look attractive and offer tremendous wearer comfort – favorite pants for discerning men, in fact.


Every man has his favorite pants. Besides being fashionable, these stand out because they are so comfortable to wear and easy to take care of. They fit perfectly right away without the need for time-consuming adjustments. ALBERTO’s aim is to be not just another pair of pants in the closet, but exactly these favorite pants. ALBERTO has therefore divided its collection into three basic fits: comfort fit with a comfortable waist height and casual leg width, modern fit with a lower waist and modern silhouette, and slim fit, the stylish fit characterized by a low waist and figure-hugging silhouette. The specially developed 3-pillar system guides customers reliably through the collection and enables him to choose the pants which will fit him perfectly.


ALBERTO is launching a whole brand-new range of high-fashion denims. These denims catch the eye with their trendy washes and striking finishes. Buffys designed by hand, authentically placed darns in home-made look and worn spots create a destroyed look with unique character. These creations are recognizable from the specially tacked leather tag used by the men’s fashion label.

Japan denims are some of the world’s most sought-after jeans, and have been given an independent label in the new collection. One thing that makes them so valuable is the cotton, which ALBERTO purchases directly from Japanese manufacturers such as Kaihara and Kurabo. Moreover, this purist denim gets its outstanding quality during treatment: a bath in indigo ensures perfect bonding between the cotton and the dye.

Denims are in great demand. In summer and winter alike. Whether sporty or elegant. However, denims have one disadvantage, especially when the weather gets hot: they are firmer than light cotton fabrics. While searching for an especially fine jeans fabric, ALBERTO found a quality outstanding for its incomparable softness and lightness. This was used to make the first soft wear denim. High-quality cotton is given a special finish so that the whole garment feels super-soft even without softener and feels pleasant on the skin.

Washes are the basis for various designs. They give every pair of pants a striking, individual character. Here ALBERTO leaves nothing to chance. Specialists monitor every wash down to the smallest detail. For modern fit pants, the denims remain largely untreated for a well-dressed look. Super vintage is the catchword in the fashion segment: in Spring/Summer 2010, casual jeans with an authentic worn look will again be created using plenty of used-look treatments. Treated by hand so that every pair of jeans gets its own individual finish, making it a one-off: the fabric is rubbed, buffs created and the color applications sprayed on.

Innovative Materials

ALBERTO uses only hand-picked fabrics. The best materials are selected from all over Europe: fabrics are ordered from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey taking the special quality aspect into account. Fabric is of course also purchased in Germany, in this case mainly exclusive fabric qualities.

When a pair of jeans fits perfectly, it should also stay like that – with no bagging and no unwanted creases. For many pants, this is just a dream, the reality looks rather different. While the freshly washed pants are rather too tight, they become wider while they are being worn. In order to prevent this, ALBERTO relies on the addition of the high-tech fiber (EME) T400 to revolutionize its denim. With this, the jeans keep their shape at all times even in critical places such as the knees. Another advantage of T400 denim: it dries quicker that any other comparable cotton fabric. After all, its never too soon to have your favorite jeans ready to wear again.

Ceramica K-12 – this is the name of the fiber certified according to Öko-Tex standard 100 from the Spanish research institute in Terrassa, which ALBERTO used for its original Ceramica. The high-tech fabric regulates temperatures by up to 5°C in each direction, making sure of real freshness even in summer where necessary. From summer 2010, there will also be a brand-new Linen Ceramica, a combination of linen and Ceramica. The result of this is a fabric combining the best of linen and Ceramica – light fabric quality and a pleasant feeling on the skin.


Blue is back and is the dominant color in ALBERTO’s current collection. Denims in an amazing variety of washes prove that indigo in its many forms is increasing in popularity. Along with classic blue denims, ALBERTO is offering exciting colored jeans in kiwi or orange for the summer season – for brave and exceptionally discerning fashionistas. For the Casual Pants range, the spotlight is on fresh colors such as brilliant white, light citrus, soft aqua and light shades of gray. Desert colors such as sand, camel and khaki round off the summer color palette. Muted brown, anthracite and black are a must in the classic pants segment. With a colorful palette of checks, Bermudas are a trendy all-rounder on warm days.


The right belt is essential as a special accessory with pants from ALBERTO. Therefore the fashion label offers a wide range of versatile designs. Full-grain leather made of cowhide, buffalo hide or calfskin with unusual details, various colors and above all, striking clasps characterize the unmistakable ALBERTO style.

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