Men’s fashion specialist boosts activities abroad

New Export Manager for ALBERTO – Continuing on an expansion course into foreign markets

Sebastian Xaver Wutz is the new Export Manager at ALBERTO. After innovative fashion has enjoyed ever-stronger demand in international trading, the Mönchengladbach fashion manufacturer is now sending a clear signal through the filling of the job position: Expanding existing markets and developing additional countries for exports. In addition to the men’s collection, ALBERTO wishes to continue to penetrate the foreign markets with its golf collection, above all in Eastern Europe.

ALBERTO’s big international ambitions have a new face: Since 1st January 2009, Sebastian Xaver Wutz has been Export Manager. The trained industrial manager possesses extensive know-how in the textile industry. Despite his young age, the 30-year-old already now has diverse management experience in the sales and marketing divisions. His practical background in customer service and his qualifications in the drafting and implementation of marketing strategies create ideal requirements for ensuring that ALBERTO will continue to increase the international sales of its innovative and creative collections.

Currently, the Mönchengladbach company has a worldwide presence in over 40 countries with multilabel and retail shops. In this case, ALBERTO has earned an export share of over 50 percent. Additional sales markets are supposed to be added to the important sales markets in Russia, the Benelux countries, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. In addition to the development of the brand, the optimisation of service and communication is of critical importance. “We place the greatest value upon the competent and dedicated servicing of our customers, both domestically and abroad”, says Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG. Firstly, this is accomplished through the innovative presentation of goods and intelligent shop concepts. Secondly, it is accomplished through the sophisticated ordering and service programme. The extensive service idea benefitting retail is one of ALBERTO’s clear advantages in a very tough competitive environment. “The shops in Eastern Europe are very interested in our innovative fashion”, says Marco Lanowy. “In addition to the men’s collection, we wish to, first and foremost, continue to develop a foothold with our golf collection in these growth markets.” In these regions, there is great sales potential for ALBERTO’s fashion. With Sebastian Xaver Wutz heading up export management, the company is also ideally suited for expansion abroad.

The international ambitions are also complemented by a precisioning and expansion of the assortment. The product portfolio will be adjusted to the specific requirements in the respective countries. Targeted and novel marketing strategies will ensure that there will be additional momentum in the development of the brand in the new countries for exports – and naturally in sales.

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Neuer Exportmanager
Sebastian Wutz
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