Collection Report Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

Innovative in the modern pants segment, strong in the denim area and full of variety in the design of the collection: The Moenchengladbach men’s fashion label, ALBERTO, also offers just the right men’s pants in the autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection, from sporty to exquisite. The competence that comes from decades of production experience guarantees manufacturing procedures with an eye for detail and the use of high-quality fabric for pants with a passion – Pants We Love.

In addition to a wide range of pant styles, ALBERTO continues to focus on the customer friendly concept of three categories of pants and three styles of fit. So that customers can move independently and with purpose through the assortment, the categories of Jeans, Casual Pants and Dressy Pants are available, which direct them to styles ranging from modern, casual and elegant. The individual styles of fit from casual/comfortable to figure hugging/fashionable are clearly marked on the inside of the pants: Modern Fit in red, Comfort Fit in a silver colour and Slim Fit in yellow writing.

While modern cotton pants traditionally continue to play an important role in the collection, the percentage of denim continues to grow and already accounts for more than 60% of the total assortment in the autumn/winter 2009/10 collection. The complex process used during professional washing means that Top Denims have been a strong theme with ALBERTO for a long time. As experience in the jeans area grows, the fashion diversity and the quality of the products is growing as well.

The Themes


The jeans collection from ALBERTO is distinguished by stylish designs and above average quality for a fashion-conscious customer. One of the main areas of focus of ALBERTO is modern jeans with a 5-pocket style. With the autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection, the label provides a wide variety of washings, from a clean look that represents the look of brand new denim to the strong destroyed effect that makes jeans look casual and as though they've been worn for 10 years. Super Vintage is the key word here: Complex handwork, together with exclusive details create a convincing range of denim. For example, irregular, asymmetrical scrapings are worked into the fabric by hand in order to create a particularly authentic used clothing look. This used look is applied to pockets, stitched side seams, the backs of knees and on hems to create a look that gives the various models an appearance that varies from discrete to extreme. Characteristic Buffys and authentically scattered mini holes give the destroyed denims their look. Striking stitching with thick thread is a further characteristic of ALBERTO jeans, which are either stitched in a matching colour or create a flair with noticeably contrasting seams. Most of all, the new A Loop stitching on the seat pockets is kept in this style of stitching and, together with the further developed ALBERTO labelling in leather, serve as identifying features of ALBERTO Denims – L.A. Style, made in Moenchengladbach.

Besides the creative diversity and careful workmanship, the meticulous choice of fabric qualities in the Moenchengladbach Creative Centre has priority. The T400-Denims in particular set standards. The technical fibre retains its shape, does not fade and prevents stretched-out knees and obvious seat wrinkles. Additionally, the jeans are given a final washing for a super soft finish and an extraordinarily comfortable feeling when worn.

The secret of the exquisite Japan Denim lies in the traditional way they are produced. The trousers expert ALBERTO takes 100 percent pure cotton and weaves high-quality 12-ounce qualities using the proven Japanese ring-spun technique. Furthermore, these premium denims are convincing with their impressive depth of colour, which they get from a bath in deep blue Indigo for up to 24 hours. Following the colour bath, the pants are treated with pure steam in order to guarantee the quality of colour and outstanding softness.

Casual Pants

The casual pants collection offers leisurewear for men who represent a modern look. The high quality line from ALBERTO steps into the new season full of variety between athletic and exquisite. The casual 5-pocket fashionable slacks and athletic khaki are available in a striped look, plaid or Cottonchecks as well as the classical herringbone pattern. Details such as an adjustable side fold or watch or alternatively coin pockets, give the cotton pants an authentic retro look that is especially emphasized this season. In addition, wool looks accounts for the major portion of the production. They are comparable to the looks of pure wool articles but easier to care for. These comfortable cotton pants with a robust wool look are a true alternative for wintery stylishness. Besides the purist casual cottons in uni colours, the fall/winter 2009/10 collection offers ample designs for the variety of styles.

As a typical autumn article, durable corduroy is also represented at ALBERTO with two models. The fine cord with a stretch or strikingly firm design is cut with a sporty 5-pocket design. While the classical cord comes in a bi-colour, the cuddly cord is fashionably enhanced with jean-type colours as well.

Dressy Pants

The Dressy Pants collection by ALBERTO presents classic looks for business and leisure and thereby conveys the requirements of the customer. The Ceramica developments are winter compatible because woven in clay materials create a temperature balancing function. In addition, the pants are roughened on the inside which guarantees soft wearing comfort. The smoothness can be mainly attributed to the soft quality of the fibres that allow Dressy Pants to fall casually and with a gentle shine on a man's leg. Wool is the ideal winter material. It is warm, protective and comfortably soft. At the same time, the woollen Dressy Pants by ALBERTO are washable without exception and thereby easy to care for with the greatest wearing comfort.

Optically, these elegant pants are available in a classically styled Glencheck. Double strip or flap pockets on the seat and diagonal side pockets emphasise the exquisite look of these Dressy Pants and also give them a fashionable retro character. Besides classical cuts, there are models with narrow legs and a lower sit for the modern customer. The special show stopper for autumn/winter 2009/10 are black, old school braces that will be added to some of the models at no extra cost and highlight the fashionable retro style.

The Colours

A dark colour spectrum prevails in the entire collection representing cool elegance, casual understatement and fashionable purism. As the winter colour, black dominates in a number of shades and a wide range of greys and charcoal as well as various earth and brown tones which round out the discrete colours of the collection. As a fashionable colour highlight, purple and aubergine have established themselves as well as an intensive royal belan.

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