Collection report, spring/summer 2009

Now into its fifth consecutive year, the label is once again drawing attention to itself. The Mönchengladbach company's spring/summer collection of 2005 was the first time that it had put sporty golfing trousers on the market. For the development of the trend-setting collection, the label had acquired the services of a real professional: in partnership with Alex Cejka, ALBERTO designed fashionable golfing trousers that came with unique benefits.

The approach was simple. After all, if you want to make trousers for full-blooded golfers, you would be well advised to take advice from a professional. Alex Cejka knows what golfers need, and so he was in a position to give insider tips on the practical details. ALBERTO's new spring/summer collection 2009 once again stands for a high standard of fashion, coupled with the realisation of innovative functionality. In the development of the outfit, the main focus was on comfort and ease of care. Through the use of selected textile technologies and intelligent tools, a collection has been created in which golfers are going to feel good at all times – not just when they are on the green.

The models

ALBERTO's golfing fashions are characterised by their excellent functionality, enabling the golfer to concentrate fully and completely on his game. An innovation in the collection that has been specially developed for the convenience of the golfer is the five-pocket, comprising multiple compartments to hold all your equipment. This way you have everything ready to hand that you need for a successful game. For hot days the collection boasts a range of bermudas, with patch pockets that not only give a casual look but are also capacious enough to carry balls or gloves. Lightly cut flat-front models complete the selection.

The colours

The ALBERTO look has grown to become something unmistakable. The spring/summer collection of 2009 once again includes Golf Pants in striking chequered patterns and stripes, together with strongly coloured tops. Here the lifestyle label has paid particular attention to the possibilities of combination, so that the outfits can be reassembled repeatedly in different ways. The colours show particularly well on the light, summery materials.

The functions

It's a familiar problem for golfers: in the early morning the grass on the course is drenched in dew, and it's still quite chilly. But as the morning wears on the sun heats things up, and the thermometer rises rapidly. So that golfers can continue to feel comfortable in their outfit in spite of fluctuating temperatures, ALBERTO has resorted to the hi-tech fibre Ceramica. The material can compensate by as much as five degrees Celsius in either direction. Multiprotect functionality moreover offers protection against the wind. As a result the material is proof against tearing and abrasion – and the innovative fibre also repels dirt and moisture. So wet trouser legs have finally become a thing of the past.
Golfers have a wide radius of movement – when driving, for instance. As a result their shirt is liable to slip out of their trousers. ALBERTO's Golf Pants have a silicon antislip component in the waistband to prevent this tiresome and inelegant slippage. A silicon band in the right hip pocket likewise holds your gloves in place. The size of the side slit pockets has been designed in such way as to give a comfortable amount of space for both hands and golf balls. And of course the tee-holder pocket and score-card pocket have not been forgotten either – completing the comprehensive functionality of the garment. There is nothing more tiresome than sports clothes that needs a lot of care. So all ALBERTO's models are machine-washable, can be quickly and easily dried in the drier and will hold their shape perfectly even when subjected to a lot of wear.

The shirts

A particularly important factor for the well-being of the golfer is the top – not only must it fit comfortably, the nature of the material is also crucial. ALBERTO has opted for the hi-tech material Coolmax. The fibre conducts moisture from the body to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. Tests have demonstrated that Coolmax garments – by contrast with cotton, for instance – dry out almost completely in just half an hour. This balanced microclimate not only contributes to the golfer's well-being, it also helps him to play better. The energy that does not need to be used to cool the body down can go to improve the golfer's stamina. Another benefit of the two qualities, Coolmax and Cooler, comes into play in sunny weather conditions, as the materials are extremely colourfast even in sunlight. This is particularly important for the bold colours of the ALBERTO Golf Collection. The trendy polo neck or turtle neck look of the tops, together with colour blocks in contemporary colours, matches well with the unconventional styles of the trousers.
The range of tops is completed by ALBERTO's Organic Shirts, made from pure certified natural cotton. The generally acknowledged KbA seal of quality guarantees that the cotton has been grown in controlled biological conditions. The raw material of the textile has been created without any use of chemical fertiliser, pesticide, herbicide or insecticide. No toxic substances, like ammoniac or chlorine compounds, have been used in the pre-treatment, nor has there been any use of artificial brighteners. The bleaching has been oxygen-based, so the fabric is kind to the skin and environmentally friendly. Toxins have likewise been banned in the subsequent processing of the garments; any kind of environmentally dubious dyeing technique has been completely avoided. The KbA seal of quality furthermore certifies that the people who grow, process and sell the cotton have been given a fair deal. So golfers with high expectations can be certain that they are wearing a material of the highest quality in every respect next to their skin.

Take a look at our showrooms in Munich, Sindelfingen, Bremen and elsewhere to be impressed by the new collection, or you can visit ALBERTO Golf at the Bread & Butter trade show in Barcelona.

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ALBERTO golf FS 2009
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