Collection Report Spring/Summer 2009

Five pockets does not necessarily have to mean jeans, and cotton trousers have more to offer than classic style alone. With its 2009 spring/summer collection, which includes the addition of denims incorporating T400 fibre, ALBERTO proves that the choice does not have to be between modern jeans and pleasant-to-wear cotton trousers – men who want both, can have both.


ALBERTO is all about innovation and trousers that are always of the highest quality. For those warm summer days, the label impresses with its linen and gently flowing cotton models, plus five-pocket styles that have become firm fixtures of men’s fashion. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, the denims are just as comfortable to wear as jeans. With effects that vary in their intensity, looks are created that discreetly and fashionably create a distinctive style. Through hand-washing, bleaching and folding, the brushed application of colour and destroy effects, ALBERTO creates highly stylish men’s trousers.


Early Summer
Sporting intense colours such as pepperoni, apple and lemon, and a modern five-pocket style, the all-year-round “Early Summer” models – available to retailers from this autumn – are sure to take their place among the year’s best-sellers. The 74% cotton / 26% T400/PES mix gives them a particularly pleasant, easy-to-maintain quality. Like other ALBERTO garments, these five-pockets are also available in a range of styles, enabling customers to choose between the slimmer- and deeper-cut “Slim Fit”, trendy “‘Modern Fit” or casual “Comfort Fit”, to suit their tastes.

T400 denims
One of the first manufacturers to use T400, ALBERTO employs this functional polyester fibre across its range, also making it a feature of its 2009 summer collection. Thanks to the combination of high-quality cotton materials and T400/PES, the models are easy to wash and keep their shape particularly well, ruling out baggy knees and stubborn creases. What is more, T400 materials dry much more quickly than pure cotton and stand out on account of a resistance to rubbing that means that even strong colours will not fade. The effects applied by hand create an authentic “used” look.

Pima and Ceramica cotton
Naturally, ALBERTO works to produce trousers that are friendly to the environment and to the skin. In its current collection, the label will include items of Pima cotton from hand-picked plants, grown without the use of pesticides and subsequently carefully treated. Not only is Pima cotton friendly to the environment, it is also an exceptionally pleasant material to wear. The structure of the fibre creates a fine weave. In putting together the material, ALBERTO ensures that 100% Pima cotton is used and that, together with 2% elastane, a gentle, skin-friendly material is woven.

When it comes to Ceramica, too, an innovation has been introduced that will be particularly appreciated in the summer months: Ceramica cotton. Especially on hot days, the enhancement of the cotton with tiny quantities of clay minerals has a positive effect on wearing comfort, given that the Ceramica high-tech fibre can balance out up to five degrees of temperature. Other agreeable features include a high resistance to allergy-triggering substances, the fact that the material keeps its shape, and UV protection, thanks to the mineral particles. In addition, Ceramica cotton is an attractive option for fashion-conscious men because it offers a wonderfully soft surface structure plus optimum wearing comfort, while also being machine-washable, dryable and easy to iron. Because, with ALBERTO and alongside its functionality, Ceramica also impresses through its fashionable design, it is a genuine classic in men’s fashion.

One particular highlight of this summer collection is a limited edition of trousers simply brimming with creativity. Each of the garments – limited to 999 items – has been individually hand-finished and styled with the trousers of a painter in mind. Thanks to airbrushing, the use of colour and manual rubbing, as well as adornment through eye-catching stitching, the brushed application of colour and destroy elements, these models take on an unmistakable look, for the modern trendsetter.

Bermuda shorts
When the temperature rises, Bermuda shorts offer a pleasant alternative to light cotton or linen models. Sporty Bermuda shorts in strong colours, or with striking checked patterns, make for a casual outfit, while the premium variant in discreet sandy colours impresses with its finely woven pattern.


This summer, bring on the colour – alongside earth tones and subdued colours as basics, ALBERTO will be offering a wide selection of colours, to suit every style. Whether rich – in green, yellow or red – or soft, with lilac, pale yellow and grey, pure white or classic jeans blue in a range of washes and bleaches – ALBERTO will be showing plenty of colour. Checks and stripes will establish themselves this summer as an important theme. The range of striped looks and checked patterns, in contemporary colours, will ensure that everyone can select the right option to match their individual style.


Because ALBERTO produces perfection in trousers, its collection naturally could not lack the most important accessory: the belt. Available in a range of colours – from reddish brown to deep black and, additionally, in gold, silver and bronze – the 100%-leather belts add an eye-pleasing touch. White, snakeskin-style belts, too – ideal for combining with white jeans – display a new lightness in fashion. Whether modishly slim or extra wide, with high-quality clasps and casual buckles, smooth or given a marked braided look, they are the perfect complement for any outfit.

Service plus

ALBERTO offers its models in a range of cuts– “Slim Fit”, “Modern Fit” and “Comfort Fit” – to meet the varying demands for the perfect fit. This season, too, the fit toolkit will be making it easier to find the right trouser shape and give advice at the point of sale.

The current summer collection of the Moenchengladbach-based company will be presented at the following German and international trade fairs during 2008:

• HMD (Düsseldorf)
• New York Fashion Week (New York)
• Hot as Fashion (Salzburg)
• CIFF (Copenhagen)
• CPM (Moscow)

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The ALBERTO label can claim a long tradition. Since 1922, the label has specialised in the manufacture of trousers. Trousers for men. Since then, the company has been demonstrating what is needed to create high-quality, contemporary fashion: the experience of three generations of handcrafted perfection, combined with technological innovation and an acute sense for trends. Select materials and special care placed on every detail. In short: a creative process that, right from the beginning, reflects the assured character of the trousers. Nothing more – but also, nothing less.

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