Perfect Fit and Great Wearing Comfort Thanks to High-Tech Fibers

The T400 from ALBERTO revolutionizes denim

Jeans that fit perfectly, never get baggy, and always look sexy – for the fashion classic denim, these characteristics are very much in demand. The T400 Revolution Denim of the Mönchengladbach pants maker ALBERTO is a stranger to bagginess and wrinkling. Thanks to its stretchiness, this high-quality denim always offers a perfect look and the greatest in wearing comfort. The T400 is therefore a must for men who always give their utmost but still want a comfortable and good looking outfit.

Many jeans don’t fit. After a longer period of sitting, the knees often stretch out, or the seat of the pants doesn’t fit anymore. The breathable denim design T400 from ALBERTO puts an end to bagginess and wrinkling – thanks to the addition of the fiber T400. It lets these quality jeans keep their shape at all times – even at critical points. The optimum fit of the design ensures not only a good look, but also a welcome high level of comfort. It has a pleasantly soft feel, and the permanent stretch feature enables the pants to go along with any movement, without binding. With these innovative pants, the trend-conscious label ALBERTO once again sets the standard for high-quality, functional men’s pants.

The advertising slogan for the T400 “Temperament meets technology” really fits. The designs of the T400 range are consistently stylish and good looking. Particular care has also been taken to ensure that the pants in this line are easy to care for. After washing, they dry three times faster than comparable cotton fabrics. Furthermore, all designs are machine washable, can be put in the dryer, resist shrinking, and are easy to iron. So the optimum look stays at the optimum level long after purchase. The T400 Revolution Denim is available in dark brown, blue, anthracite, black, and white.


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