Collection report Autumn/Winter 2004/2005

Trousers were worn yesterday. Today, we wear ALBERTO. Our trendy trousers have become a standard part of every fashion guide. The lifestyle label creates an individual look for the fashion world of every self-confident cosmopolitan. Urban city fashion created by the successful men's trouser manufacturer from Moenchengladbach in Germany sets the tone with its unmistakable style.

In the Autumn/Winter collection 2004/2005, ALBERTO's designers have gone on the fashion offensive and are really turning up the heat during the cold season with innovative material variations and unusual cuts. The puristic, elegant models from the "Black Label" by ALBERTO are captivating and impress with their extremely comfortable fit. Qualities that stretch with every movement and always retain their shape make sure of this. In addition to the cult model "Ceramica", ALBERTO trousers with temperature compensation properties, models with woollen designs and elegant woollen items are becoming irresistible eyecatchers.

Current sportswear and five-pocket style dominate the "Red Label". The sporty trouser solutions come in casual qualities: robust cottons, cords and denims are really setting the pace. Authentic and discreet washes in harmonic colours are replacing distinct used washes. There's no question that ALBERTO's "womanising winter" is looking exciting!

The trend theme for the winter is wool. ALBERTO uses this high-quality material to produce unusual and elegant trousers. Nostalgic stripes and fishbone patterns turn the models into extravagant eyecatchers. Solutions with details such as pockets with hand-stitched edges and outstanding interior features are setting attractive trends. The woollen trousers are of course fully washable. The "Ceramica" best-seller is available with new patterns: stylish nostalgic stripes, sporty flannel and fashionable chalk stripes will guarantee a grand entrance anywhere.

The models

In the Autumn/Winter collection, ALBERTO offers a wide range of different trouser styles. Twenty models are included in the selection, half of which are in the trendy five-pocket style. You are spoilt for choice with the successful straight leg "Tim", basic fit "Tom", basic fit stretch "Tommy" and boot cut "Rock" models. The general trend is towards a narrower silhouette.

Apart from the classic five-pockets, ALBERTO has developed many new models. Retro styles with a wide leg, chinos, pockets and flat-front models will add variation to the season. The trend of comfortable-casual but elegant styles can clearly be seen, however.

Current sportswear trousers with bizarre edge and loop variations are proving to be the must-have of the season. Angled pockets and decorative graduated stitching lend the trendy trousers a sporty touch.

The materials

This winter, ALBERTO is placing the emphasis on sporty cotton qualities. The men's trouser manufacturer has omitted classic cotton basics here. New cottons such as broken twill, côtelé, rips and cotton rings give the models an interesting new texture. Sporty but simple washes are the main feature. With cotton trousers, ALBERTO is placing the emphasis on a colourful eyecatcher: bicolours are proving to be the ultimate fashion trend. Multicount or waxed cottons play an important role among the more unusual models and ensure a varied design. It would be hard to imagine fashion without racy textures and stripes that lend the models an elegant-sporty touch. Woollen items make up 30% of the collection.

In the autumn/winter collection, ALBERTO presents its cord items in refined qualities: bicolours and fade-outs are the main features. With the bicolours, ALBERTO places the emphasis on a harmonious range of colours. Stark colour contrasts are a thing of the past: Subtle graduations and soft contrasts such as a combination of brown and camel are defining the colours for this season. The cord range also offers an extravagant eyecatcher for more daring fashion-conscious men: a fancy sport velvet in bicolour is a major eyecatcher.

The functional Techno themes are proving to be irresistible. ALBERTO presents innovative new items in addition to the attractive models "Cooler" and "Ceramica“, which both have acclimatising attributes. The stretch trouser "3 x dry" lives up to the expectations of demanding men: It is an easy-care item that is wind-resistant and waterproof (ideal for winter) and because of its outstanding breathability, particularly pleasant to wear.

ALBERTO presents fashionable chamois leather, trendy reptile models or silverskins. They combine lifestyle, fashion and functionality. The range is rounded off by the imitation leather model "Amaretta". The trousers are extra-light and easy to wash – the perfect ingredients for a new favourite pair of trousers.

Wool is the irresistible theme for the winter. The design for this classic material quality for the colder periods in the year is fresh and fashionable: ALBERTO has rediscovered fishbone, côtelé and tricotine. Nostalgic stripes, elegant serges, flannels and chalk stripes are all unusual eyecatchers. The comfortable fit also makes all models rather alluring: With proportionately integrated stretch, the times when woollen trousers were still stiff and inflexible will be long forgotten. All items can be washed, of course.

ALBERTO redefines denims: Printed ring thread, inky denims and flock denims as cord designs give a refreshing look. The men's trouser manufacturer is also producing authentic but subtle washes.

The colours

Brown tones are increasing in popularity for the autumn/winter. In addition to warm shades such as "Maron" or "Coffee", ALBERTO also produces "Camel", "Nougat" and "Creme". Dusty grey and blue shades come across as cheeky and cool and lend an elegant touch to the models. In the autumn/winter season, deep black and anthracite are the main colours to wear.

The belts

ALBERTO offers the perfect accessory for trousers: Belts have become indispensable, trendy accessories that add the finishing touch to any outfit. Reptile versions, riveted belts, used leather and patchings are very popular. Hand-painted models from the ALBERTO belt collection really are setting the trend.

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