ALBERTO woman now even Cooler!

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Each year, with temperatures of 30+, the question of what we need for the perfect pair of trousers for office and business trips comes up: They have to be lightweight and wrinkle-free. During the day you should be cool, but you need something a little warmer at the after-work party. It would be nice if they’d also withstand a summer storm or a coffee spill. Of course, they must also be beautiful. And sit well. No such thing? Oh yes, there is! With ALBERTO women. Cooler are the trousers for the perfect, diverse stylish summer business look. New as of Spring/Summer 2018.

Until recently only the preserve of the world of golf, they are now also being introduced into the ALBERTO woman collection. Because more and more women who already know them from the green, also want Cooler for their summer office wardrobe. No wonder, because Cooler is all about the programme. The intelligent high-tech material supports the body's own active cooling system, with ALBERTO combining two technologies: On the one hand, the woven fabric of hollow fibres ensures that moisture is directly transported to the surface where it rapidly evaporates. An effect that improves the natural cooling function of the skin. On the other hand, the special 3xDry finishing withstands dirt just like liquid. Even spilled tomato juice on the plane can't harm the trousers – it just rolls off. As moisture can’t settle from the inside or from the outside, the smart trousers reliably prevent heat accumulation on the skin. But if a bit of a cool wind does come along, the wrinkle-free bi-stretch trousers prevent unpleasant chills. Oh yes, and then of course there’s the optical fresh kick: It's absolutely guaranteed by ALBERTO woman this season, with extravagant zippers and bright chilli red. Is that Cool or what?

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Modern. But ambitious A lot of style, no stress. In short, contemporary. The label ALBERTO woman, founded in 2014, offers a perfect mix of quality and creativity. The women's line from the Moenchengladbach pants manufacturer ALBERTO is the perfect symbiosis of high value, comfort, style and that extra bit of sexiness. Because the trousers fit exactly and sit comfortably, almost like they're wearing themselves. Because ALBERTO woman is authentic, ultra-fashionable and finely detailed. And because the myriad of styles, colours and models are easy and cool to wear to all occasions, thereby meeting the needs of the confident, do-it-all woman. This is the promise of 100 employees who bring genuine passion and enormous dedication to their work at ALBERTO each day.