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Cosy Chic made by ALBERTO

Warmly recommended this winter: Cosy Pants from ALBERTO. These are real, perpetual must-haves. That bridge the gap between office and casual wear, day and evening wear. That you'll never want to take off once you've put them on. Not even to relax at home in front of the fire after a hard day at work. Put them on - feel good - be stylish - radiate sophistication: this is the philosophy behind the new generation of pants from Alberto. Round the clock on every occasion.

ALBERTO's Cosy Pants focus on exactly the attributes that have made the pants label so popular in the fashion world: perfect cuts and a sure instinct for materials, design and contrasts. The skilful twist of masculine shapes and comfortable high-quality fabrics, now supplemented by the Mönchengladbach-based design team to include sportswear elements and cosy feelings, shows just how closely the pants label is in touch with the times.

Brilliant combination: Purist shape, perfect cut and endless comfort

Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory. Cosy Pants from Alberto are full of contrasts yet absolutely harmonious. And so popular with men that the pants tailors from Mönchengladbach have given them their own line in the Fall/Winter collection 2015/2016. The pants tailors recognised the cocooning trend among denims early on, and in 2010 launched their first T400 model, the first jeans which are even now synonymous with elegant style, maximum wearer comfort and flawless fit. ALBERTO's new Cosy Pants are the epitome of these values: in the Cosy Jeans segment, rough classic denim looks are good for a surprise with their smooth, ultra-soft sweatpants feeling. An 8 oz lightweight meets blissful warmth. Maximum elasticity (50 to 70 percent) meets absolute stability. The Smart Dressy segment is particularly elegant but no less comfortable. Smart drawcord pants made of high-quality woollen fabrics caress the skin while meeting the need for a masculine look. With the addition of numerous PPT and coating variations, ALBERTO takes casual chic to a whole new level. The smart jersey jogging pants in the Smart Cotton segment also exude a casual air. The pants label makes even Veggie Leather both cosy and cool, again proving that hard and soft can go together perfectly. Style could hardly be any more relaxed than at Alberto.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants tailoring since 1922. Pants for men. Ever since the early days, the company has been showing that it has what it takes to create high-quality contemporary fashion: the experience of several generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and an unerring instinct for trends, carefully selected materials and meticulous attention to every detail. In short: a creative process that reflects the superiority of these pants right from the start. Not more - and certainly not less.