A turns 90!

ALBERTO celebrates its AAA anniversary!

It’s not visible in the collections: ALBERTO is actually turning ninety. The denim and pants specialist is celebrating its company anniversary in 2012. And in the truest AAA style: the confident Alberto Golf and ADenim brands were added to the primary Alberto label. All three brands are firmly established and show tremendous growth potential. This is thanks to the special ALBERTO spirit: Devotion to pants, fashion, employees and customers. Uncompromising quality and service. Open to the unconventional. And all of this as an honest family company. Our founder Albert Dormann would be proud.

The game has been going on for ninety years. And it’s far from over; rather, it is entering its most exciting phase yet. Much has happened over the past nine decades. Inside the world of pants manufacturing in Mönchengladbach, but also beyond. The world is in motion and is spinning faster and faster. How wonderful that there are companies like ALBERTO that incorporate forward-thinking innovations while maintaining traditional values. Dependability is needed in these times when one crisis seems to be following another: energy crises, bank crises, Euro crises. Countries are losing their AAA ratings by the dozen. But not ALBERTO GmbH: The business with three A labels (ALBERTO - Pants we love, Alberto Golf and ADenim) is valued more and more by its customers. The 90th anniversary of this pants manufacturer from Mönchengladbach is therefore justified in being termed a AAA jubilee.

ALBERTO, the pants and denim specialist, is energetically moving in fashion circles even in its ninetieth year. It has grown from a locally-based pants manufacturer to an international global player - all while remaining a family company. Despite all of its success. This structure is the foundation for many more successful years. Because what ALBERTO has created and produced is true. True love for handcrafted pants. And not something that is the result of compromises to generate a quick profit. This is what our third generation proprietor Georg Walendy believes, along with managing partner Marco Lanowy and sales manager Jürgen Schmiedel.

The desire to combine trendy fashion with traditional values remains unbroken. This has been clear since Albert Dormann: valuable things are created from the foundation of values. Integrity, dedication, passion - lived and imparted every day. To employees and customers. Success is fashion with soul and character. “Pants we love,” our main label’s motto, is not an empty promise, but rather it has been our philosophy since the beginning. The best proof of this is in the two additional company brands: in 2004, Alberto Golf was added, followed by ADenim in 2009. In only a short time, both brands were established as high-quality labels. Because they were launched with joy and passionate hearts, and not just cold calculations.

The company’s latest successes (17% growth in 2010/11 fiscal year) and anniversary year are no reason to sit back, relax, and reminisce over years gone by. ALBERTO would rather cultivate new collections, and develop more unconventional strategies and concepts. Something in the areas of service, sales or marketing. Or devote itself to innovating new material functions or looks. That’s why this pants manufacturer from Mönchengladbach hasn’t just dominated the market for decades - they have shaped it.

Fashion isn’t the only thing that has changed since since Dr. Albert Dormann founded Dormanns Hosenfabrik in 1922. That Mönchengladbach company proved to be ripe for growth as well. It created several expansions and innovations. And ALBERTO Logistik Center must be mentioned, with its huge warehouse and room for 190,000 pairs of pants. Guaranteeing availability and dependability. More about our chronological development can be seen in our elaborately produced anniversary book that will be available starting in June and presented as a gift to customers and friends.

Fun and motivation have enabled ALBERTO to go down traditionally unconventional paths. The most recent example of this are the Roof Destroyed Denims from ADenim. Over the last 12 months, some of our jeans have been exposed to the wind and weather on the room of the company headquarters in Mönchengladbach to give us insight into the “destroyed” effect. It sounds crazy, but it’s not, and just further proves ALBERTO’s passion for pants. Founder Albert Dormann would certainly smile if he knew that his company was celebrating its AAA anniversary with a true roof party.

ALBERTO is the pants specialist for men. It was initially founded as Dormanns Hosenfabrik by Dr. Albert Dormann in 1922 in Mönchengladbach. This later became Albert Dormanns Nachf. GmbH & Co. in 1968. In 2003, the company was renamed as to its present name: Alberto GmbH & Co. KG. Business managers are Georg Walendy (proprietor), Marco Lanowy (managing partner) and Jürgen Schmiedel (sales manager). In addition to the primary label ALBERTO Pants We Love (www.alberto-pants.com) Alberto Golf (www.alberto-golf.com) was added in 2004, along with the jeans label ADenim (www.a-denim.com) in 2009. All three brands combine handcrafted precision with technological perfection and a distinctive flair for fashion trends. Alberto GmbH has about 90 employees at their headquarters in Mönchengladbach. Approximately 1.4 million collection pieces are produced each year. The 2010/11 fiscal year generated a sales volume of 32 million Euros, a 17% increase from the previous year. Alberto is available nationally and internationally at approximately 600 shop locations and 2,500 retail stores currently. The export share is currently about 52%. The labels are sold worldwide in 42 countries. Outside of Germany, the primary markets are Scandinavia, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux, Canada and the USA.